Highest DPS per warrior.


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Hello! Once I already made a build for a warrior who has a very high DPS (https://vk.com/photo315236107_456241700). Now I have improved my build by making some changes.
For a high damage score, I improved these abilities: Fury (lvl3), Duel (lvl 3 and gained 10 damage), Heavyhand (lvl 3), flurry (lvl 3) and Battle page (lvl 3). Also, after using abilities, I drank potion of giant strength. From the equipment I chose what increases strength - force belt. I also took the ax of the Minotaur King, the owner of the highest DPS among two-handed weapons. Here is what came of it - https://vk.com/wall315236107_821
My build is focused on the later stages of the game. Thanks to those who paid attention to me.