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I had already completed the game several times mainly with warriors, but i achieved to beat it even with a rogue and a mage without any difficulties. I wanted to try the cleric for the first time and so i started a new game in normal mode.
I can't really say i am struggling, as i am currently only level 7, but i find terribly difficult to rise the DPS of my cleric. I have 18 armor, but 10,1 DPS, so i manage to kill the enemies because i can tank the majority of the hits but the battles take forever to be completed and this is very expensive in terms of mana potions and life potions. My traits are STR 1, END 2(+1), AGI 3, AWA 1, INT 1 and PER 3. My skills are heal wounds II, holy shield I, Arbenos might II, sacred fire I, Nivaria's barrier III and Thelume's wisdom I. I am currently using a bluesteel dagger, as it is the highest DPS weapon i could find for the cleric at my level. Any suggestions on how to improve my build and to increase the DPS? Is the only solution to switch to 2-h weapons or i just have to wait to find a good mace or a good hammer? Thanks for the replies, any suggestions are accepted as i am a real beginner of this class. I am sorry if there are some mistakes, as i am not a native english speaker.


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Well, the main build issue that I see is that you use a bluesteel dagger instead of a good hammer or mace.

Although since you seem to be going for AGI instead of STR, it might be tough to find a good weapon early on.
Since most early cleric weapons are 1h or 2h, there are very few light options until a bit later in the game.
You could try going for crushing ember, it will be better then the bluesteel dagger.
I would certainly not try going for a 2h weapon, since you have low STR and your AGI doesn't increase the damage for it.

Later, after you level some more, I would recommend killing some orc kings until you find Thunder or you could rush the Moon children quest for the flaming warhammer, but that one is trickier since you'll need to run and dodge fast for it.

Cleric does always a bit a lower dps then the other classes though. It's main advantage is being able to survive for long with healing and intervention.


Ya cleric is probably the lowest dps class, to balance this out use a completely offensive adaon (put basically all your points into stab until massive crits/flurry becomes available)


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DPS isn't everything, esp with a dagger. Most of your damage output is being soaked up by the defense of the enemy.

Try switching to using 1-H weapons like a mace. The Silvery Mace is easy to get and will serve you well through the early game. Crushing Ember, Ghostbane and the Paladin's Longsword will be helpful weapons as you come across them.

There are a few light hammers in the game that can be useful for situational fights, but for the most part, Cleric's are way better off with 1-H weapons or 2-H mauls. Daggers are really for Rogues.

Focus on getting your STR up. It will increase your effective damage.

You didn't mention a Companion, but getting one will help your build.

If you're struggling with combat as a cleric, than join the Warrior's Guild. A Cleric with Duel and Heavy Hand has a noticeable higher damage output.

The Cleric skill Crusader is also very useful. It makes crypt runs a lot easier, and the chance to stun is nice.

I've beaten the game with a Cleric that ONLY knew Heal III, Crusader III and Duel III. That's how effective those skills are for a Cleric.

Clerics have all the low level run records for the game. When built properly and played using the Strengths of the class, they can be quite powerful. You just can't play them as a Rogue that can heal.