Help, 2 handed weapon at lv 10?

Sir Lancincillà

I think you have already understood what I want. I wanna know what 2 handed weapon should I have at lv 10. And if you want can you tell me how much armor should I have? Thanks
Warrior (2 handed) lv 10
Cleric lv 9
Rogue lv 9
Warrior (sword and shield) lv 11


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Well.... that's not an easy answer. Depending on what quests you've done, etc, you could have several different possibilities. Best advice, is browse the Wiki and see what's out there. ... =Equipment

So a long worded response:

2-H: At Level 10, you COULD have Cruelty, an unique and powerful 2-H sword from a quest (a bit early but doable) or you could have saved up for the very expensive Greataxe of Falling Stars or the more affordable Lightning Greataxe (both purchased from Freetown). But if you have something as strong or better than the Minatour Greataxe or Bluesteel Greatsword, you're likely in good shape.

Light Sword (w/shield): At Level 10, you should have cleared Fort Assault (Level 9 Requirement), which could give you the Magma Shortsword (Light Weapon), which is a great mid-game weapon for an agility build (light weapon).

1-H Sword (w/shield): At Level 10, you're in decent shape if you're using the Sword of Shock (quest reward), Sword of Flames or even the Orcslicer. Over the next few levels, you should start completing quests that give better 1-H weapons, but you're likely a ways off from getting the Paladin'd Longsword.

Shield: At Level 10 for your 1-H and Light Weapon builds, you're in decent shape if you have a shield with 3 or more armor plus a suitable element resistance (which varies on area). But it's about Level 10 that some of the quest related shields should start being obtainted (Chiten Shield etc).

As for your Cleric and Rogue questions, that really depends on your build (1-H or 2-H Cleric build, archer or melee Rogue Build. Best advice, go over and read the Wiki equipment lists. It tells you where each weapon can be purchased, found or won as a reward.