Guide: War Priest , Cleric Build


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Hey guys

Yeah i call my build a war priest and i know its a very cliche and sounds like a holy warrior, paladin, combat mage, monk. Its all same to me cus i always played spellcaster in many rpg..
And my build is familiar to wadda stable but its not wadda stable, you'll see!

My meaning is half warrior half priest(cleric)
Simply we can say its something hybrid.

And now ill share it as a full guide and also with some tips and tricks..

Before the beginning i must warn you, you have to join Warriors Guild for this build, otherwise you cant use this build..
Dont worry its much more useful then Cleric Guild, of course for our build..
I do respect for other builds..

Anyways first lets start with skils.


Heal Wounds (Max. level)

Certainly its our most survivability skill it can save you many time when you face the death get it to max lvl.

Arbenos' Might (Max. level)

If you reach to max level you will have a +12 damage(8 normal 4 fire) and also its working with duel and bloodlust its your dps boost even when you start the game at the beginning you can spend your all points to that skill, so get it to max lvl.

Crusader (Max. level)

Many people doesnt like this one so much and firstly maybe its looking a little bit overpriced. But with this build i can guaranteed its not.
Like i said were half warrior and half cleric so that skill is working half warrior(%5 stun) and half cleric(+6 damage to undead)
In my book, %5 stun is awesome for a spellcaster and +6 damage for undead is not great but hey its extra dps boost. do it max lvl.

Nivaria's Barrier (Max. level)

Be a cleric, warrior or whatever you need always armor. So this one is gives you +3 armor at max lvl and even extra +3 for undead. At the early game after the Arbenos might and heal wounds you can make it max lvl, so go go go, max lvl.

Thelume's Wisdom (Max level)

Some builds spending only one point for it but i do not leave my job to chance. its awesome in dungeons, tombs and caves.
You'll easly find all secrets only with some tricks and experience.. Get max level ofc.


Precision Strikes (Max level)

Its make your dps higher also gives you %150 critical chance increase at the max level of course criticals depends on your weapon but simply mine is %15 with my blade.. Get max level.

Heavyhand (Max level)

This is our one of warrior skills too, with this were gaining extra +5 damage per attack. That means higher dps. Get max lvl of course.

Duel (Level 2)

When you hit multiple times it gives you extra attack, its warrior skill but ofcs works with us well making level two is enough.

Massive Criticals (Level 1)

Its insta-kill skill with some chances, of course better is at the max level but for now i just spend one point, of course when i gain a level ill make it max but for now just spend one point so level 1.

Bloodlust (Level 1)

Its addition for both dps and armor for a few seconds, its useful when you are fighting against multiple attackers but only one point is enough for any level..
and not have a much difference with level 2 and 3 so just get level 1.

At the level 21


STR : 5+1

As you see my build is not only STR or AGI build, its both. I use the traits for much more balanced build.
6 STR is enough of course its not just extra dps, its survivability too.

END : 4+1

For healthy and long life :D for survivability also gives you +5 toxic resistance for each point.

AGI : 5+1

Extra armor and extra dps..

INT : 2

Its exactly mage trait but either we can get some mana with 2 point so i never say no for extra mana..

AWA : 3+1

With 3 AWA you'll get a bonus +1 armor, and gossip bonus.

PER: 4+1

Its our main trait, gives you mana for each level/point. As you see, mine is 5.


Here is mine resistance table at level 21, but resistances not a big deal if you have a enough items for all elements.
Im changing my items time to time.


Unfortunately my gear is not done yet but some of them is ok, still i need some items but reason is just rumor bosses, i didnt get enough rumor even with %53 gossip. Anyway lets start.

Heroic Helm:
Bonus: +3 Armor/+7Health/+5 Fireresistance/+5Ice resistance/+5Shock resistance

The Undermother's Hide:
Bonus: +5 Armor/+10 Health/+10 Death resistance/+10 Spirit resistance

Gloves of the Explorer:
Attribute: Detection 1(%3 Perception)/ Tinkering 1(%5 Disarm Traps)
Bonus: +3 Armor/+7 Health/+10 Fire resistance

Ursan Charm:
Attribute: Wisdom 1(%2 bonus exp)
Bonus: +1 Armor/+5 Health
(Recommended: Necklace of depths)

Red Leather Shield:
Bonus: +3 Armor/+11 Health/+20 Fire resistance
(Recommended: Hero's Shield)

Ring of Vitality:
Bonus: +1 END/+8 Health/+12 Death Resistance
(Recommended: Ring of unlife)

The Abbot's Ring:
Ability: Wisdom 1(%2 bonus exp)
Bonus: +1 AWA/+1 PER/+1 Armor/+25 Lightning resistance

Vorator Hide Mantle:
Bonus: +1 Armor/+15 Health/+20 Fire resistance

Blessed Platemail Leggings:
Bonus: +3 Armor/+6 Health/+4 Mana

Ironfoot Boots:
Attribute: Stability(Immune to knockback)
Bonus: +3 Armor/+12 Fire resistance/+8 Spirit Resistance

Blessed Belt of Agility:
Bonus: +1 AGI/+20 Mana

And only sword we can use, its came with last update. Thank you for that David.

Paladin's Longsword:
Damage: 6-11, +6 Spirit damage
Speed: 10 Critical: %6

If you like to know, where can you get those items check the exiled kingdoms wikia..


As a companion as you see, i didnt choose Hirge.
Reason is i have already self heal, if subject is dps and balance. I dont like so much playing with Hirge, but somehow if one day can implemented advanced skills for companions, im sure Hirge will be my favourite..
Im using Griss, she have a nice armor also dps. Its a simple tank build, shes so helping me with cleave, she is weaken enemies so i can massacre them.


Legion Helm
Myrosian Breastplate
Myrosian Gauntlets
Legion Leggins
Legion Boots
Infernal Aegis
Greater Ring Of Death Ward
Ilmaran Signet Ring
Girdle of Might
Ursan Charm
Primeval Mantel


Fury: Max level
Cleave: Max level
Shield Expert: Max level
Bash: Max level
Gossip: Level 1

Im done for now i gotta sleep, of course as i promised ill share the gamestyle, tips, tricks and many stuff, but another day.


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Updated with companion choise, ill add much more stuff; Tips, Leveling, How to gain gold in a few days..


Nice one although I have chosen the pure cleric model for role-playing reasons and it works just fine.
I have to admit that the exclusive skills given to a cleric are not that useful because they are not worthy of the cost in skill points although Turn Undeads allows to kill really powerful opponents at ease and it is like having "the world" ability from Jojo series!

Let me ask one thing: why did you give Grissenda the Ushram wisdom charm? So far, I have seen that NPCs get really small benefits from intelligence or XP boosters!


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Board Troll":iuypcuvt said:
Need this info

Sorry for my bad, ill gave the ss when i went to home.
I wasnt online for a long time, nor did i played game.

But now i tell you something awesome, Im back :3


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11redsky11":1yzk01af said:
You're build is great Cainus, it make's playing so much easier.

Thanks, yeah thats what im trying to get point ; balanced with between defense and dps..

Now when i have a time ill update my build with new items and new skills :)