Greetings! My Humble Opinion!


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Amazing game seriously i am currently in the level 21 and i have as companions Adaon and Grissenda, since the first time i started to play it i totally dumped away my other games i had on the computer and stick to my phone but yeah i wanted to share my opinion:

I would really like a lot if we had the option to unlock the full tree to the companions classes so we can choose what they can learn and all yeah.

Woud be also neat if we could pay for the companions to learn skills from the npcs and even have them join another guild like Adaon for example joining the seventh house while i joined the warriors guild with my character

The option to have more than just one companion in your group would be also great but not a random mercnary but example Grissenda and Adaon.
Would also be great if we had the chance to refine equipment, would give the forger another functions than just sell and we would have to farm for materials for the +1 +2 +3 depending on the level of upgrade that we can have access to.

Another thing perhaps give us the option to buy tents to make campsites in the wild with the risk to be attacked by random thieves yeah to make it exciting and not have to always return to a town to regen the hp and the healing spell.

Well those are just some of my suggestions that i consider would make the game a lot more exciting than it is already!