GoG version versus Android version


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Only thing that may be a problem is OpenGL 3.2 support, but this is satisfied with almost all newer computers, and as you talk about i5 processor, it's much newer when there was no OpenGL 3.2 support.

But, that being said, you can safely purchase it from Steam, try to run it, and if it doesn't run, you can get refund without a problem. Even if it would run and you won't be satisfied how keyboard and mouse work, you can ask for a refund. So, it's a safe purchase, only thing is, do you like it enough to purchase it.

You can even wait till it will be on sale, if you have time. As I own it, I'm not sure how often sale is, but, sales happen.


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What's your stats? Intel processors after first generation should be able to run it.

Intel graphics is build in since i3/i5/i7 with 4 digits (like 4xxx) only first generation had no (9xx)

Edit: found something for you

Download GWPG Benchmarks

It's OpenGL benchmark, you don't have to care about the result, if it run it means you already have OpenGL support. Exidled Kingdoms doesn't has much requirement, so if benchmark works im 99% sure the game would also run

Thank you for doing all that research and presenting me with more options. I found an easier way. If you install the Steam client and click on Help --> System Information and then scroll down to the Video Card heading it will list your supported OpenGL version.

I found out that my integrated graphics support version 3.3. I've been diligently "testing" the game for a couple of days and I've had no issues.

While the game is playable on Android using touch screen controls I've found that I prefer the keyboard and mouse combo. With a keyboard I can run like hell if need be but also get very fine movement control by briefly tapping a key.