General difficulty of killing all Forsaken


Just wondering, has anyone killed all the Forsaken in the Ark, and if so, at what level and what were the rewards? Thinking this might be a fun challenge for me...on Iron Man...with a mage, because I'm impulsive and stupid and like wasting 60 hours of my life. Any insights are appreciated!

P.S. last time I asked how hard something was people said "it depends how good you are." Just guess, you don't have to be right :p


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As far as I know there is only a few known cases of someone killing the entire Forsaken. You can find one on this topic: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15038

But this post doesn't specify any details on how they did it. For rewards it was at only 100 gold and an Thuramiam Breastplate, but David mentioned in that post he was going to increase the rewards a bit.

Honestly, I have been thinking about beating them myself to see what the changed rewards are and maybe adding an "beating the entire forsaken" entry to the wiki, but I haven't been able to beat them yet so far. I fear I don't have much advice to give you since you have to fight them in an open space without any chance to run and take them down slowly. Just take as many potions, omelettes and scrolls with you as you possibly can.

On last thing, if you do manage to beat the entire forsaken with an ironman character, you did the most impressive thing ever possibly done in this game. So best of luck to you with that.