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I'm experimenting with a Fury Warrior build. I know it's all easier if you take Hirge, but she spoils sitting in the fury zone and getting +65% to your damage. Making this work has raised a number of issues:
  1. It gets expensive staying in the zone -- you need to consume healing potions to stay around 35% of HP. How do you manage this? I'm using a 1-h warrior because she doesn't need as much healing.
  2. Without Hirge, some get Extra Recovery. It doesn't help stay in the zone, but does allow farming for longer. How do you find the loss of Skill Points affects your build. I can't help feeling that skills that help my toon stay alive or kill faster will be more efficient.
The next questions are more related to a 1-h warrior build. In contrast to my 2-h warrior builds I find the Advanced Skills are all used up and I have to drop at least one I'd like. Currently my fury build has Infantry Training, Body Building and newly Battle Rage at level 14. I expect to get Precision Strikes, Massive Criticals and Magical Training. That leaves two places for Heavyhand, Duel or Flurry. Some questions:
  1. Which of these three would you choose? I normally go for duel and flurry (which complement each other), but in my cash-starved early stages I chose Heavyhand, leaving me uncertain which of these to go with. I guess Bloodlust is another possibility.
  2. I had a lot of fun maxxing Whirlwind and Charge with a 2-h build. I've already got each to II and use them a lot. Any opinions on trying to rely on them in a 1-h build? I'd perhaps avoid flurry and duel if I did. I could keep Agility somewhat lower and put the points into Endurance to make fury easier to maintain. I've ignored Bash this time; usually I take it with a shield build.
Generally compared to a playthrough with Hirge, I'm farming and grinding much more. With Hirge it's a whirlwind of completing quests and areas as quickly as possible.
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Another question is which companion. I'm currently using Archer Adaon, but he's hard to keep alive. I'm sure I'll eventually use 2-h Grissenda.
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First some clarification: anytime i am talking about builds i have in mind leveled guy and if i am saying that somethging is best or better than something else ,then it is true when you are at level 20+ but it can be possible to do more damage when you are at low level with diffrent things.
Thats because i have a habit of optimizing my characters in games , and even if they are bit weaker at begining at need to suffer being week for few low levels, thats ok, its unimportant , unleveled you are not prepared to play and you need to level.But eventualy if you follow this path you will be MUCH stronger than other guys who try to be smartass and show off with what they can do at low-mid levels.
Now replying to your question , warrior doasnt need duel at all. It is weak skill with decreaseing incentive with leveling. Flurry is an option , but it is last thing you should get when you dont need anything else allready as a ,cheery on the pie, heavy hand is ok but it has also low priority, focus on crit skills. If you want to maintain fury often then you will need loads of HP and below 1k hp it isnt realy safe or convenient . I dont use active skills on warrior at all (well flurry is exception, but there arent many enemies that require you to activate it , because evrything dies very fast) And most important thing about player controled warriors :infantry training is not optional , its absolutely must have , no exceptions, if you want to be strong.
Grisenda can be 2h thats ok, because if she diesyou just use resurect scroll or simply wait few sec for her to wake up.


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1. Choose Heavy Hand and Bloodlust. They are good with Whirlwind and Charge you love and are role themed.
2. Leave Body development at 2 level, Endurance 4. Agility should be 3 and take Gauntlets of Explorer, you know about synergy. All leaving trait points put in Strength.
Of course, make Awa 3 if you want peaceful ending. Int 3 you need for Magical Training, Per 3 - for Bloodlust.
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You won't need Battle Rage or Magical Training above 1. I wouldn't go for the critical stuff first on a Sword & Board. Duel if you don't use active skills much, else Heavyhand. Rethink Flurry, its for Light weapons and Infantry Training is Hand weapons.

Archer Adaon is worst companion, fun if you wan to "almost solo" the game but have something to sacrifice to the mob and once in a while he gets a shot or two in. Sounds like you should take Griss along. Or how about experiment with a build of Hirge that DOESN'T have Heal. Heresy I know! But it might make her a more interesting character to take on your travels or a bit.