Full license didn't transfer on android


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I bought the full license for my android phone. I switched phone and now it's saying that I have no saved data from my Google play, cloud, or anything on my other phone. It's also saying that I don't have full license. Is there anything that you can do to fix this


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If you tap on the green "Help" button on the license window, you are directed to a help page to solve this problem.

This is what it says:

Problems restoring your license? Don't worry!

Your license of the game is linked to the Google Account you used to purchase the game, and you will never lose it as long as you keep your account. If you have that Google account added to your device (under Settings/Accounts), the license should be autodetected. You can force another license check using the "Restore Purchase" button in the Store menu.

However, in a few cases the license might not be detected even if you use the "Restore Purchase" button. In almost 100% of the cases it is because of multiple accounts added to your device, confusing the license manager. Please remove all the other accounts on your device temporarily, until the license is properly detected (they can be added again). If you are unsure on which of your accounts holds the license, you can check it at Google Payments site.

If after trying this you are still not able to recover your license, contact us.

Recovering your saved games

Your license and your saved games are different things. If you want to transfer your saves from one device to another you will need to use the options under Main Menu > New Game > Export& Cloud. Exiled Kingdoms is an off-line game and there are no servers keeping your data, it is all in your device. If you uninstall without exporting your data first, you will lose your saves.

If the above doesn't solve your problem, email me at [email protected] attaching

- A screenshot from http://payments.google.com showing your purchase and with your account name visible.
- Another screenshot of your device Settings > Accounts list, displaying your google accounts on the device.



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Step one, use the same account on your new android device,

If it does not get the license automatically, try to go to store, like David said, and click on restore purchase (left button on that picture, it's Grey if it works automatically, but if not you can click on that)

About the save file, it won't automatically transfer, you have to backup it manually at least once on your old device (new game/continue game => export and cloud save => export to cloud)

After that, as long as you use the same account, just import it the same way back, go to new game, click on export and cloud save and import from cloud.