Finished SoH. If entering again, must I go through Elemental Plane of Fire?


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I finished SoH as a Mage Level 25 (about 4 tries at Sewers, 6 tries at Underlevels, and 7 tries at Elemental). I had no trouble killing all enemies except the Lord of the Pit (as all my companions could not last long enough to keep me alive, so I had to use Speed to escape through the portal).

So, if I were to re-enter the SoH, do I have to repeat everything:
1. re-activating the levers in Sewer of Horrors
2. finding the magical rubies in Icemist Underlevels
3. fight the Greater Demon and the Lord of the Pit in Elemental Plane of Fire?

Tips for Mages:
1. At Sewer of Horrors:
- the Staff of the Dead Kings was useful against the Mutant Rats, the Mutant Devourer and the Carrion Lord
- the Staff of the Traveller was useful against the Giant Skeletons, the Demilich, and Merzadan the Undying
- Potion of Speed with Elixir of Galade (or Medipack) were useful in outrunning the Animated Wastes

2. At Icemist Underlevels:
- Summoning an Ice Elemental (using scroll) was useful against the Ice Elementals, Insane Blue Wizards, and the White King
- Summoning a Fire Elemental (using scroll) was useful against the Fire Elementals, Insane Red Wizards, the Red Dragons, Demons, and Saradan the Fire Lord

3. At Elemental Plane of Fire:
- Use Potion of Speed, Potion of Greater Fire Resist to get to the chests
- Summoning a Fire Elemental (using scroll) was useful against the Fire Elementals, Demons, and the Greater Demon

Maybe when I reach Level 27, I will go back for unfinished business with the Lord of the Pit.


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1. Yes
2. No
3. (not sure) no

1. And 2. Just tried, so it's sure. 3. I don't know, my character finished SoH but I left them out, so I can't test it. I think they are one time enemies, but I'm not sure.