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Rules of topic:
[*] If you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or anything else, please send me a PM rather than post them here (to free info clutter from this topic).
[*] If sending a PM, the subject line MUST start w/ "Info- " (quotes removed) in order to get a quick reply.
[*] Please Please Please NO negativity or bashing! (If you don't agree with something or think otherwise of something, send either the person in context or me a PM. Thanks!) ;)
[*] Enjoy the game!!! :D

About topic:
--This will be a concise version of all the latest suggestions, feedback, and ideas that have been brought up. Everything sent to me will be given proper contribution ownership. (This is merely to compact all info in an easy-to-read format.)
--I hope to write a new update every 2-3 weeks, depending on how much info is brought in.
--The updates will include: changes to post about the info in any way (bugs fixed, feedback will be implemented, word from David about Info_X, info is outdated), Post_1, Post_2, and a MOTD
--The 1st post will contain my edit of all the new received info and links to posts (barring messages, if any).
--The 2nd post will contain the links, all original messages, and a summary (for large info blocks).
--I have done similarly on other forums and hope this helps David and everyone else :!:

About me:
-I am an avid strategy, rpg, and card-game enthusiast and thus always try my best help out with new games.
-I have traveled and lived in many different countries: Japan (Tokyo area, Misawa area, southern Japan, and Okinawa), Europe (Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal), USA (47 states), Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Guam, Philippines, Jamaica, Cuba.
-So...I have seen a thing or two about the people, cultures, and their games in the world. (PM me if you just wanna talk)

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