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Just some tips I picked up along the way

Push companions
Using the diagonal keypad you can push companions in that direction. This is useful for when they are fighting a hard enemy simply push them behind the enemy. Works great with multiple companions or summons as one will distract while you push the other to get flanks. Can also use this to push companions through doors first so they draw aggro first

Mage Barrier Buff
Mage barrier gives 21 armor which is great but did you know unlike the warrior's resilence it stacks with armor boosting potions. Imagine 50 armor and six hits that do 40 damage add a shield for even more tankiness. I like to do this to soften targets before companions and summons get into battle. Put your companion on hold, Pop the potion put up the barrier run ahead weaken the boss then when you're getting low run to your companion who draws aggro works nicely

Guaranteed Mine Hits
Enemies will follow your path if you walk a steady path meaning if you walk a path long enough enemies MUST follow your path. So what I do is place a mine doesn't need to be near enemies then place another in the same path maybe 3 steps away I find diagnonals work best. Then go attack a mob and walk EXACTLY in the path of the mines the enemies will follow everytime. Great crowd control or use it soften targets for a waiting companion

Unlimited Slow Mine

With proper timing you can set an unlimited string of mines and never be hit. First max out traps Place a mine walk 5 seconds in one direction stop place another trap walk back toward the enemy when the next trap is about 1/2 recharged attack the enemy and walk through the mines the first trap triggers 5sec slow go to the next trap second one triggers 5 secs slow walk away place your next trap another 5secs of slow keep repeating sprint also helps. With good timing you can chain these traps together for massive damage Ancient Yeti hates this add rapid fire in between hits for massive damage. If you screw up kick can help you set it up again

Teleport companion

If you walk far enough from your companion they teleport to you if they were in battle this works if you see your companion about to faint start running away and you will see them teleporting to you and run back to the enemy but if you keep running they'll keep teleporting while rhe enemy is in pursuit but just out of reach. Use this time to heal/ armor potion while enemy cant hit your companion. This works fantastic with wizards and staff with slow as you can slow them while you teleport away for even more heals.

Orc King has a 100% spawn rate and 100% drop rate

Use this to farm money and weapons typically 700 to 1k per fight in the Urzugar lair can farm about 10k in 10mins or faster

Hope this helped

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Thank you for the stab kick advise, it never occur to me that this could work! And it is a really strong combo!"though I think it's like a loop hole because it makes no sense that you prepare to stab can make you kick more ass kick.
This makes the melee rogue much fun and easier to play


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Enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!
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