Existing Gear Feedback/balancing


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I always liked the aspect, that you can create your own Sets out of random pieces..with different gains and loses
Let me bring up my personal impressions for some of the recent items...(Warrior, Cleric gameplay)

Ashen Plate & Legs Vs Myrosian Plate & Legs

Looking at those Pieces overall , both are hard to obtain but Myrosian is pretty much the little brother of ashen just less stronger. It would be nice if it would have different Element Resistance or an Attribute that makes it a viable second option.
Or an Elemental switch where the lighting/Spirit Resistance is more superioror to the other Set.

Jeweld Plate
Pretty new, but yet another Plate that is focused on Fire Damage like the Breastplate of Forge / Ashen / Legion
it would be cool to see something that is focused on Death/Spirit/Poision

Ring Of Holiness
For Warriors, It could be an option for Stun Immunity (while sacrificing the Ring of Bull in the process) which is rare to find atm for warriors on items anyway

Amulets for Warriors
There has been alot of different Amulets exclusive for Clerics , either during Quests or Boss drops, i feel like there is something missing for Warriors - for Armor , Str , Restistances , Hp ..

just a few things that hit me spontaneous while playing