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Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?


Staff member
First and foremost, I think kudos are due to the Wiki editors. It's a thankless job.

I wouldn't say the Wiki is missing a lot, just sometimes the occasional blank or outdated page. I -might- go though the Wiki this weekend to try to get an exact list but there doesn't seem to much problem with the Wiki as it's now. Also note on the Wiki Change Log, there's updates as recent as today.

Some of the random blank, or incomplete pages.
1) Combat.
2) Solliga
3) Weak Librarain description on Librarian entry.
4) Pretty much any description of a Town Hall Quest is missing (try here for some).
5) Warrior Build: 2-H is just blank (see here).

Some of the blanks stem from Wiki pages that aren't in use anymore, or from areas that aren't in the game (Solliga, for example).

I'm more concerned by inaccurate, or bizarre information than the occasionally room for improvement.