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Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?


La Dorada, Caldas, Colombia
As most probably know by now, we have a wiki:


If you want to help out, that's great! We need all the help we can get. Please make sure you read the rules below, if you do not follow the instructions, the requested access will not be granted.

How to become a Loreseeker:

1. Go to the wiki above and sign up for an account using the same or very similar user name as the one you use here on the forums. If you already have an account and it is different than your user name here, let us know what your user name there is.

2. Reply to this thread letting us know you have signed up on the wiki and want to be a Loreseeker.

Inactivity (edited by David)

Keep in mind that, if you become inactive for a period of weeks or months, the admins might decide to revoke your Loreseeker status. There is no fixed rule about this, but if you make no contribution and weeks pass, it will certainly happen. If you have contributed a lot in the past but you decide to take a break for a few months, probably we'll not touch your status. In any case, nothing prevents you from asking to be a Loreseeker again if you want to contribute once more.

Non-english wiki: at this point, the wiki supports english language only. Other languages might be added in the future, but as of now that's how it is.
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First and foremost, I think kudos are due to the Wiki editors. It's a thankless job.

I wouldn't say the Wiki is missing a lot, just sometimes the occasional blank or outdated page. I -might- go though the Wiki this weekend to try to get an exact list but there doesn't seem to much problem with the Wiki as it's now. Also note on the Wiki Change Log, there's updates as recent as today.

Some of the random blank, or incomplete pages.
1) Combat.
2) Solliga
3) Weak Librarain description on Librarian entry.
4) Pretty much any description of a Town Hall Quest is missing (try here for some).
5) Warrior Build: 2-H is just blank (see here).

Some of the blanks stem from Wiki pages that aren't in use anymore, or from areas that aren't in the game (Solliga, for example).

I'm more concerned by inaccurate, or bizarre information than the occasionally room for improvement.