EXILED KINGDOM is such a good RPG on android. Try it right now!


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Hi all. I write just a little post because i need to say how good this game is.

I play it about 2 years ago, and i just begin a new game.
And i enjoy it again.
For all the players who like RPG and didn t try it yet. Don t wait anymore, and just go to download it right now.
You can play 10h tob20h for free before to choice (or not) to buy it for a very little 1 time purchase. And after, you ll get 100% of the game.

It s not so often that a devellopper offer us such a good RPG with more than 100hours in game for about 5$. And no more purchase in game after at all.

Develloppers like David really deserve that we say thanks to hom for that.
I hate all these new game with in game purchase , like 100$ for gems, and often it s not even enough to have all in the game.

So a game like exiled kingdom is just perfect for that. A very good price, for a so long game. There are so much aeras to explore, quest to do, or secret to discover.

And more than all, the dev continue to try to asd some new aera to finish all the map of the game.
Really , this Dev is just a perfect one.
When a dev respect us like that,we must respect him too in return, and try to help him to continue to do game like this one.
Sure i will try the new one. Just because i want dev like this continue to exist.

So i just finish this post by a big thank you to all the people who helped to create exiled kingdom.
It s not the most beautiful game (but it s ok), but all the other parts of the game are just perfect.

So congrat for that. And again. Just thank you :).


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Thank you very much! Always nice to read messages like this in the morning to start working with good motivation :)