Ending feedback


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Just finished the game for the first time, and I gotta say, the game is great in almost every way. Cool fun story, twists, different classes with different styles of game play, etc.

But, if there is one thing for me to complain about the game, it is definitely, without a doubt, the last part of the game. The part where you must save to continue and there's no way to quick save afterwards.

That part is soooo repetitive if you don't just get it right the first time, which you probably won't unless you're really try harding. Those few monsters you have to kill over and over while trying to figure out how to best finish the last boss is really boring.

Also, there is no indication you can't go back after you kill it, so my first strategy was to take care of freeing Amarisa afterwards, which turned out really bad since after you kill the monster you can't go back to save her. I guess this is my fault, but still, now I'll have to load again and start all over.

I guess having a save point right before the final boss could turn him into an way easier prey with the possibility of trying several strategies way faster, but still, I'd rather have that than fighting those enemies right before, they are so annoying it made me mad at the game for the first (and only) time =P