End game content


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Hey, love the game! A few years ago I was looking for an offline game to play on long plane rides; had been slowly progressing whenever I traveled. Recently, I'd been bored with the quarantine, so I came back to the game and finally finished it.

Since finishing it, I've been kinda craving some end game content (similar to rifts in diablo or mythic dungeons in wow for example). I know you're not actively developing the game anymore, but figured I'd share my feedback anyways in case you ever come back to the game.

Here's what I had in mind, would love to hear what you think!

- A dungeon, where every time you finish it, you can raise the monsters' level by 1 next time you enter.
- First time you beat certain 'levels', you get rewards to scale up your character a bit, ex. Ancient Tolassian Tome, Tome of Wisdom, maybe some kind of new equipment modification items, etc.
- Since the monsters levels can keep increasing, you can continue to grind exp effectively beyond early 20s levels.
- Have a leaderboard of highest endgame dungeon level cleared.

I think with this end game content, I would keep playing this game for many years to come.

To monetize this, I could see the end game content come out as an expansion pack that includes a new map (back to the old empire maybe?) and an end game dungeon in that map. I would certainly pay a few bucks for it.

Alternatively, to put something out more quickly, maybe icemist underlevel can be re-purposed as the end game dungeon. The change would just be to allow players to raise all monsters' level in the dungeon and at new monster levels and reset bosses/drops (they already drop tomes).

Anyways, would love to hear what you think. I love old school RPGs and they're impossible to find on mobile and very few mobile games can be played fully off line. Would love to be able to keep playing this game on planes :)


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Developer David has spoken on this topic in the past. He never intended EK to be a endless game. There are spots future game contact could eventually be dovetailed into the game, but that's not likely to happen for years, if ever. (The third element room in the Tower, the missing Ruby Key, The witch vs. The Three story arc, etc).

The Sewer of Horrors was added as the After Main Plot dungeon, hence why it's harder and longer than anything else. Beating a certain demon in the fire plane now serves as the After Main Plot challenge boss.

The game is -designed- to be done by around Level 20 (most players can beat the main story quest between Level 18 and 22). Thus levels above 20 are really just over kill or for the simple reason to do it. Some players like roaming the Ark as a Level 30 mage treating Steel Wizards like mere goblins.