Dungeons And Dragons Players,Pathfinder Players,and other TableTop Roleplaying Gamers...


What are your Experiences in Pen and Paper Games that you want to share with fellow players and to those who are unfamiliar to the subject?

What are you to say to those who do not play DnD,Pathfinder or other TTRGs?

If it did,regardless of aspect/s,in what way did this TTRG change you or your life?

What are the most unforgettable moments you had while playing DnD,Pathfinder or Other TTRGs?(Please state the name of the TTRG)

(For those who have played TTRGs but hasn't been playing for a long time).If you have the chance to do so,will you play it again?If yes,would you like play with old playmates,with new people (with and/or without experience),or a mix of both?

What are your advise to those who are aspiring to play DnD(such as myself),Pathfinder,or other TTRGs and why should they keep doing it?


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Tabletop RPGs are a great hobby, for me easily the best and more fun, period. Besides the stories, the battles, and the laughs, there is something that makes tabletop RPGs unique: they allow *everyone* to be creative. Not everyone is good at writing or playing music or painting, but *everyone* can play a role and have a lot of fun with it. RPGs are great for building solid friendships, or at least that was my case.

I certainly encourage everyone to go and try them, at least once.

I started playing MERP as my first RPG when I was 14, then for the following 6-7 years I played tons of different RPGs... actually I dare say I've played most of them at some point. I DM'ed rolemaster, Warhammer, Vampire and D&D, but as a player I tried many more games. Call of Cthuluh, Runequest, Stormbringer, Paranoia, Gamma World, Werewolf, Ars Magica, GURPS, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk... that is, nearly every game released before 1998. From then, I could only afford to play computer RPGs, but after a 20 year break my old group was reunited to play a D&D game and I am having a lot of fun as the DM.

The biggest challenge nowadays is, of course, finding a suitable group. Also, in the twitter era, many might find studying a 300 page manual a little disheartening. Yeah, being a DM takes work and it's not for everyone. The good news is modern systems like D&D 5e are easier than they look, and once you get the hang of the rules everything is rather natural. Players don't need to know the rules by heart, either.


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I started playing D&D over Thanksgiving 1975. We started Thursday night, and finally stopped on Saturday afternoon. I never looked back.

In the early Oughts I had my own game store, complete with 4'x8' gaming tables. The store hosted regular tabletop RPGs, D&D being most common among them. I ran a 5e Modern campaign there for a while.

If you can find a good group, nothing beats the experience of tabletop gaming. If you get the chance, I would really recommend that you give them a try.


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First of all, you should continue to play this game, because you like to do it, this is the most important thing. No matter what anyone says about it, you should listen only to yourself and only to yourself. This is an excellent pastime, in my opinion, regardless of age. I have played D&D games with my friends for 10 years now, and we love it very much. We are just now thinking of developing our own D&D game with its own rules, although we have slightly changed the classes described in the classic D&D like this https://dndguide.net/. Therefore, I fully support you. Maybe we will play one day :)
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