Dungeon Reset Time? (Farming)


So I've read through some other posts on this, but still not finding the exact answer and my trial and error in game seems a bit inconsistent.

Does the 12 hour reset timer occur from the *first* time you enter the dungeon, or from when you exit?
Some example questions:
  1. If I enter at 8AM and stay inside for 14 hours, I assume nothing resets at all since I am in the dungeon?
  2. If I enter at 8AM and stay inside for 8 hours, leave for 2 hours then return, I assume nothing resets since I re-entered the dungeon within the 12 hour period (and assuming #1 is correct).
  3. If I enter at 8AM, and stay am inside for 2 hours then leave - how long to I actually need to wait to have it completely reset?
#3 is actually the main question I need an answer to. If I want to farm an area but don't want to walk all the way back and sleep, etc. How many in-game hours do I need to hang around outside.

AND - does it impact at all if I happen to re-enter the area before the appropriate time has elapsed (i.e. reset the timer) or does the timer continue and I can actually hang out in that area until the time elapses, exit and re-enter and it will be respawned?

thank you!


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Ad 1: as long as you stay inside the dungeon, nothing resets
Ad 2: nothing resets within that time frame unless you save the game outside the dungeon, load that save and enter the dungeon
Ad 3: 10 hours, unless you are dealing with some quirky area, like Kurgua Cave, then it's 12h unless you re-enter immediately after entering. Don't ask me why it works that way, it just does, I had to make several runs recently until I found an Ivory Ring.