deathshadow's tips.....


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If you're into the sneaky side of things come with me... The rogue is personally the best character to play as, through the game you may want to consider this:

*When you are on low health and no way of healing.....RUN!
*Save your gold, the rogue is perhaps the most expensive character to play as.
*Newbie? Make your first attempt at the game on casual, its a good way to learn.
*The best companion is Grissenda, she is a beast....she can provide coverage and can help when you attempt to do flanks. Plus she is invincible, she randomly just appears again after a fight and she appears if you cross maps.
*Archers are good, but they are probably the weakest kind of rogue.
*The Primal Icicle is the best rogue weapon, and the cursed fang is the best off hand.
*If you do not know how to do a quest just wiki it, but don't do it for all things as it may spoil the quest. Wiki can actually answer a lot of the questions you may come across through the game.

Thanks Guys!!! Please leave feedback, hope this helps if you are in need!


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the random respawn you mentioned applies to all 3 companions.
also Gold consumption depends on skill and playstyle.

personally i prefer hilde over gris, when playing melee rogue as melee rogue does enough burst damge negating the need for extra dps. what melee rogues need is a tank and staying power. and a properly built hilde does that way better than a gris.

also using hilde is a lot cheaper than sustaining with potions.
also primal icicle is nice but devourer sting is also good. paralysis chance and faster hit rate. so in some cases has better dps than the primal icicle. for max effectivity pair it with an off hand cursed fang (or lightning dirk) then flank and flurry.

best damage i ever did in a single hit was in the 360's with flank and stab at around level 20.


jack nailed it all. I agree because I played all three classes.

When you play as rogue melee don't forget the Backstab skill because that is the key to max out damage output(+100% of your weapon damage) meaning double the damage plus 25% stun rate is really a good proc. For weapons I don't agree for Primal Icicle as the best Light weapon for Rogue because Stilleto can do the same thing add to it the Vicious I ability and also Primal Icicle is useless against White Dragons, and also for boss battles don't forget the importance of Paralysis from Devourer's Sting because it can save so many HP and HP Potions(you'll certainly not want to die fast especially if you played in Ironman mode).