Custom backstory

I am going to create a custom backstory for my character
just to think of being some other character instead of
just being a descedant of Tremadan
Sort of like an alternate reality.

Captain Elmar:
Elmar Derris was an ordinary young man until he got drafted into the Varsilla army. He recived heavy training and eventually fought the legionnaries of Merica in Rhönes, having better armor and advanced training the legionnaries almost crushed the forces of Varsilla until Elmar unleashed a wave of power healing to his teammates.

They had to retreat because the leggionaires still outnumbered them but Elmar soon found out that he had magical powers given to him by the gods. He soon became a cleric healing his teammates and fighting besides them, after a long hard fought war with Merica they soon ended it with the two kings finally signing a piece treaty. Although the war was over, the kingdom of Varsilla started falling apart with each cities starting to fight each other. He eventually became a captain leading his troops to fight of dangerous threats that would most likely destroy most villages.

After 7 years Captain Elmar eventually settled in to kingsbridge where he would still ocassionanally fight off bandits and raiders but retire from the Varsilla army as a well respected veteran.

(I know this may not be good as this is the first time I have done this but I have tried to make it as close as possible to the original Exiled Kingdoms lore)

(This bottom part is what his stats would be but they are not a character build since I want to make them as lore friendly as possible)
Captain Elmar:
Level 19, Health: 459, Mana: 150, Armor: 42, Damage: 30 - 46 normal plus 17 shock damage.

(I will accept any critisism if this character is flawed, like I said its kind of set in an alternate reality but still is reliant on the exiled kingdoms lore, if you have anything to say feel free to critisize or make your own custom backstory in the comments)