Curiosity about other Planes.


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I know that Icemist Underlevels, there's an Elemental Plane of Fire. And there's a possibility that there will be an Elemental Plane of Ice and other things. However, will we be able to see a Mirmek Plane where The Undermother live? Or a Plane where all The Dragons live... like Dragons only?


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A Mirmek Plane already exists in the game.
It's called: "Isle of Varannar."
You might see a bunch of Mirmek's as you run around the island.

The "dragon" plane is not likely to be part of the game, or game lore. A dragon kingdom-like are would make more sense. If you look at the game's world map on the Wiki, you might see the multi-map size area called "Dragon Mountains" One might even speculate Thyr Mountains also house a large population of dragons.


Shadows and other horrors lie on other planes though.

The Elemental Plane of Ale would be good to portal into.


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How about having a portal to Hell? Having a world quest of defeating all Seven Deadly Sins and Lord of Hell. Making a contact with a Demon Merchant and all. Is it likely?


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Meanwhile, things that we have to wait for:
In the last room of the fire dragoons in the Mausoleum, six sigils mark the wall. The most sloppy one, that looked like a cross, literally two uneven lines, not exactly straight, cracked after the fall of Kalagru - the Demonic Prince of Sloth.

When the bank and the Snake business in Friguld was resolved, it was the time for the key orb in possession of...Ah, chancellor Mallard, to reveal a secret path hidden in the storage orbs in the Golden Cove bank. After the hero entered an unknown domain, he heard an alien voice:
- Finally you're here. You've been looking for black shards, didn't you? Hand them over.
- You have to be joking, I need those! Why would I give you those?!
- I'm the Demonic Princess of Gluttony! Do as I say or die!
- Alright, have those, but you have to let me go. Otherwise I can't bring you any more.
- Aren't you convinient? Fine, but hurry up!
After the hero seemingly leaves, a deadly dagger penetrates the back of the Demonic Princess. After fierce fight, the hero emerges victorious!
Another sigil in the Mausoleum was broken, the coin shaped one.

The defeat of Greater Demon shaked the Hellish Cave. Intrigued hero spoke with the Demonic Lawyer:
- OH MY, OH NO, DAMN IT! Another crisis! The Boss is furious! Why did you dispatch his deputy?!
- That guy was important? Sorry, I didn't know.
- An apology won't fix anything! According to article 666 of the Demonic Codex, you're obligated to reimburse the losses!
- Oh, how much that would be?
- I don't know! This case is beyond my competences! You will have to face the boss.
The portal in the room started emitting a red aura. After stepping into it, the hero arrived at a different plane of existence! A dark, and gruesome scenery did not improve the mood. A hulking figure sitting on basalt throne spoke with booming voice.
- Welcome to my domain mortal! I'm the Demonic Prince of Envy!
- Why are you interested in Ilmara?
- I'm admiring the vibe of this society, the devotion of the people, the fanaticism of the zealots. I'm jealous, and I want some for myself! By the way, you owe me some!
- Are you sure you're not the Demonic Prince of Greed?
- No, that would be Goldez. I wonder if he's still residing with those kings in the crypt. All of his wealth is making me jealous!
- Alright, so what do you want from me?
- You will become my deputy, and take care of business on the surface. The previous one was a bit inefficient, so you'll have plenty opportunities to shine!
- How long do you need me to work?
- That would be an eternity. After your body expires you will be provided with a demonic substitute.
- Sorry, I'm not interested!
- You shall not get away!
A fierce fight broke out, the hero was forced to fight the Demonic Prince and his hordes of servants, and eventually emerged victorious.
Another sigil in the Mausoleum was broken, an eye shaped one.

After the Demonic Wolf deep inside the Elder Forest fell to the blade of the hero, a secret passage among the bones was revealed. Shortly after entering it, the hero saw a black werewolf. Wait, why is it so... voluptuous?
- Such a strong and vicious hunter! Why are you hunting my babies? Now I feel a need to... replace them.
- Why are you and your spawn hunting people? Who are you?!
- I'm the Demonic Princess of lust. I want them. If they won't join me willingly, my children shall bring me their flesh and bones! What will you choose hunter?
- Make a sensible choice friend.
- Hirge please.
- Well?
- Sorry I'm not into your fur.
- Then you shall be mine after you die!
When the Demonic Princess of lust fell, another sigil in the Mausoleum was broken, the one with the shape of lips.
- Oh boy! Your Justice longsword is sure unwieldy, Hirge. I hope I can find a decent silver dagger soon!

The last Ruby Key was found, and Warrior King of Mercia - Melporth faced the hero in his crypt. The bugging question: "What could force the dead kings to raise from their graves and fight the living?" was soon to be answered. After Melporth's final death a bizarre portal has opened, inviting the hero to enter. A shadowy figure was waiting inside.
- Hello?
- Your clothes. Give them to me.
- Are you insane? Why would I give you anything.
- I'm the Demonic Prince of Greed, and you'll give me everything you possess, including your life! You took my fine minions it's only natural for me to take what is yours!
- Minions? Those dead kings were sealed in their crypts. What use were they to you?
- You fool! The mere fact that I possessed a formidable collection of them was good enough reason for me to be interested! The one you just destroyed was the greatest! Never before have I seen a human fight like a demon! He was priceless!
- Priceless will be the thing you're about to get! Here, catch!
The Demon was stabbed, and after a quick fight fell.
Another sigil in the Mausoleum was broken, a hand shaped one. A strange uneasiness could be felt in Varannar.

The fall of the Baron Storme has not gone unnoticed in New Garand. After the hero returned to rest and resupply, a handmaiden of one notable family approached him.
- Excuse me, are you perhaps the one who defeated Baron Storme and his vampire army?
- News sure spread fast! Yes indeed, it is I.
- I represent the house of Stonecraft. One of the oldest families in the Andorian empire, the very same that took part in founding of the Garand!
- You mean New Garand? This city?
- No, the original Garand.
- It is an honor! Why were you looking for me?
- The House Stonecraft has a proposition for you, sir. The current head of the family, Madam Sinnia would like to meet you in person.
- I'm currently busy, but I promise to come as soon as possible. Where can I meet your mistress?
- Our mansion is located in the south part of New Garand, near the Town Hall.
After entering the mansion, the hero met the handmaiden again.
- Greetings! I'm glad you made it.
- Yes, my hero activities allowed me to arrive here.
- Splendid! My Lady will meet you in a moment.
- I can't wait to meet this person with obviously non demonic name!
Suddenly all surroundings were warped, turned into hellish landscape, and the handmaiden disappeared.
- Welcome hero! I'm the Demonic Princess of Pride! I heard much about your great deeds!
- Your attention flatters me, why have you brought me here?
- A long time has passed since the Varsilian nobles did anything worthy of their status. Even your friend, Grissenda wouldn't manage to defeat Dobros Storme and his disgusting allies without your help. A man like you deserves recognition! You shall be granted a title...
- Hurray!
- marrying my daughter!
- Eh?!
- Why do I have to witness these shenanigans all the time?
- Hirge please.
- Shirana, darling, present yourself!
A hellish giant appeared.
- Momma called?
- My precious. Have you skipped oratory classes again?
- Noes!
- :sigh: Stand tall please.
- Excuse me, I'm afraid I have to decline your generous offer.
- What are you saying? She's still young, only 420 years old! I'm sure you'll make a great, noble, and prideful couple!
- Still no...
- Such an affront! I will not have this! Die!
- Can I goes now?
Once the battle was finished, the Demonic Princess of Pride was slain, her heir was left to fend for herself, and the last sigil in the Mausoleum was broken, an elaborate, golden one, the shape of a crown.

The charred trees of Deadwood were burning. The Tolassian undead horde was driven out of their lair, and scattered to the four winds. Even Deadweeds grew little root legs and removed their presence from that area. Something terrible must have happened. The hero knew he must hurry and investigate this matter as soon as possible! Upon arriving at the Mausoleum, he saw an army of burning dead. Strangely enough, he wasn't attacked on sight. The smoldering soldiers made a path, and the hero followed it. Soon their master presented himself. A giant horned and burning skeleton didn't stand out visually, but emitted a powerful aura that shook the very ground he walked on.
- Hail my kinsman! Thank you for choosing greater evil and freeing me! You're more of a brother to me than other so called Demonic Princes and Princesses!
- So you're a Demonic Prince of...
- Wrath! And mind you, I should have been the King! Were it not for others and their pathetic vices, my rule would be supreme! Instead of recognising my power, they imprisoned me! Now is the time brother! Let's raze the whole Varannar! Nothing will stand in our way!
- Have you considered doing something else? Maybe we could go to the tavern, have some drinks, mess around with the barmaids, toss some dice?
- Ridiculous! You have freed me, and now you want to engage in some petty entertainment?!
- Yes!
- Raaagh!
- Aaah!
- AAA...khe khem, AAAH!
- Heh, I like you!
- Aaah?
- Die! RRAAAH!

To be continued.
and probably will be mentioned in the next roadmap of updates for EK ;)

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