Cookies and personal data


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Disclaimer: reading this is a complete waste of your time, but as new laws and regulations require, here's a breakdown of what information this website tracks and keeps about you.

This forum is a standard Xenforo forum, and our wiki uses the popular MediaWiki software. Both include a user registration system to identify users, and it is based on cookies. Our web statistics (Google analytics) are also cookie based. These three systems are not interconnected in any way, and each of them uses their own cookies.

We don't use cookies or your data for anything else than ensuring the forum and wiki works correctly, and our site usage statistic are aggregated and anonymous. We don't share our user data or cookies with other companies nor we will in the future; this website and wiki is here to enhance the experience of our game, and will not be used to nag you with ads in third party sites.

I bet you feel better now that you read this. ;)
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