Controller attack got delayed and some buttons not work properly


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Hey guys, I have a problem. when I'm using the controller and press the attack button it got delayed, first attacking then it stopped for a while and it start to attack again. but when i use rapid fire it's back to normal attack, not delayed. And when im trying it without the controller ( touch control ) it works normally both with rapid fire and without it and it doesn't have any delayed attack frequency

And the other problem is my d-pads now not working properly, I already test it in gamepad tester and gamepad checker. it says my buttons doesn't have any problems and I can spam it properly. My problems start on the lastest update on v.1.1.1074. and it still works when I'm on v.1.0.1053. I'm using ipega 9021 for the controller and using wyrmslayer for the in-game equip

please have a look at it,