Completed game + level of character

Glass Cannon

The Netherlands, Utrecht.
I was wondering in how much ingame days you finished the game except 4 unfinished quests ofcourse... and what lvl character and what type didt you do it.....

As i can say, I done game 6 times before 5 erazed because i need only 1 perfect build character and all limited gear....

I completed the entire game ( except 4 quests ) under the 95 ingame days, lvl 16 warrior and killed undermother unweakend aswell.

I finished gear runs after 129 ingame days ( this included the 95 quest days ) and got the collection so far compleet. ( included all rumor special drops from dragons and liches )

Let me know your fastest score ( no need to do undermother.... its no requirement for the score )

How i didt it..... well after 5 full times of completed games you know where to search and where to run and grab the stuff to compleet..... not in all quests you have to kill.

Why because i can and have plenty of time thats the best part of it.

All i have to do is townhall quests............

I am now at 160.days because of townhall quests.

Status report:


I also haven't finished yet with 55 quests done, but only a couple shards left to go and most of the ones open are minor ones I haven't bothered to close out yet. Level 15 cleric on hard mode with a score of 2812 so far. I doubt I'll be over 16 when it's all finished.

I'm taking my time to enjoy things though for my first full playthrough, so 141 game days have passed.