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I haven't really seen a whole lot of in depth companion build stuff on here. Usually it's just a passing mention. I feel like they are too much of an integral part of the game to not put the time into. So I've decided to put my companion builds here and see what others have to say. Please share your companions build as well if you got a good one. Any advice or criticism of mine are welcome as i am always looking for ways to improve them.

So first up is Hirge. I've built her up as a tomb raider extroardinaire, so she is really only used for undead excursions.With death resistance at 150+ she is firmly in the 1/8 damage range from death attacks. Excellent for xp runs in the Abbey. Full Tolassian set, Nivarian Cloak, Shield of Life, Necklace of the Depths, Ring of Unlife, Greater Ring of Death, Blessed belt of Might, and Paladins Longsword. Heal 3, Crusader 3, Nivaria's Barrier 3. The sword and crusader skill gives her a total of +12 spirit damage, and the Barrier gives and extra 6 armor vs. undead. Pretty devestating and survivability all but guaranteed. Her healing kind of puts it over the top. I've been debating giving her Arbenos Might. That extra damage could go a long way, but I am worried she might prioritize that skill over healing.

Grissenda has become my overall day to day companion. I can use her in almost any situation, though I don't prefer her for Tolassion dungeons. Basic 2 handed warrior build. Heroic helm, Myrossian breastplate and gauntlets, Legion leggings and boots, Ring of Unlife, Iagus' ring of learning, Ursan Charm, Vorater Hide Mantle, Superior belt of Might, and Rancor (sometimes soul drinker). Cleave 3, Fury 3, 2 handed expert 3, resilience 2, and whirlwind 1. Originally was my go to for boss battles. Kind of got away from that a little, although I don't trade her out if she is already with me. Honestly not sure what else to do with her.

Adaon was a tough nut to crack. As a Rogue myself, I really didn't need him for gossip or traps or secrets. His ability to not die kind of sucks so it was hard to find a good use for him. I have been tinkering around and think I finally got it. Assassin's hood boot and cuirass, gloves of the explorer, lionskin leggings, ring of unlife, ring of health, ursan charm, primeval mantle, girdle of the rougue, devourers sting and cursed fang. Stab 4, sneak attack 3, archery 3. The most useful things about him are his Stab and Sneak attack. Massive damage ability. Devourers sting and Cursed Fang give him a stun and paralysis effect. I also run Devourers Sting and Cursed Fang for the same reason. Dual paralysis leaves even the toughest rumor bosses vulnerable to the constant flanking attacks. Already took out a few dragons, minotaur warlord, and some others with minimal damage taken. Still advisable to save before combat, as paralysis is still a low 6% chance per hit, but when it gets going, it's unstoppable. Pure dominance. I sometimes give him a bow, run a bow myself, and run through bandits in and around castle bluerock when I am just looking to kill time. Feels a little like playing Contra.

Again any advice or criticism is welcome. Please share your thoughts, and your own companion builds.

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Will match this thread with interest.

My builds change down to what class and build my primary is.

For my rogue I tend to use Gris in a two handed build.

For my others I tend to run Adon in all out archer mode.


ZeroesHero, nice and useful topic! Thank you for sharing practical experience!
I myself came to almost the same conclusions, though not yet reached the latest stages of the game. But nevertheless learned some interesting points!


I have a number of builds I use depending on who I am running... But these are probably my most fleshed out ones.

Grissenda is my go to for my rogue. I play her as a tank so to help with my rogue's survivability issues. Sword and board Agility build. Heroic helm, Myrossian breastplate and gauntlets, Legion leggings and boots, Ring of health, Ring of vitality, Ursan Charm, Primeval Mantle, girdle of agility, Infernal Aegis, Primal Icicle (sometimes Sonnet). Whirlwind 3, Shield Expert 2, Bash 2, Cleave 2, Fury 2. 2-Str, 4-End, 5-Agi

One of my favorite combos is running Hirge with my healing cleric (basically the goal here is for both of us to constantly be spamming healing... which results in absurd survive ability).
I've built Hirge as a hardcore healer, Heal 3, Crusader 3, Nivaria's Barrier 3. She has moderate personality (so she has a fair amount of mana).

Adaon I use with my warrior... But I haven't really fleshed him out yet. The goal here is to use him ranges with Jesters bow and also to train up his anti-trap skills.


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Gris is my go-to. Build her as a shield bearer with balance equal agility and strength, with a focus on passive rather than active skills. Seems the AI struggles when to best use active skills. Ideally, two warriors with Bash can leap-frog keeping a boss stunned. However, what tends to happen is she just Bashes a boss causing my Duel talent to re-set and disrupting the flow of a fight.


I use Gris (Lvl 17) on a regular basis, her role is a tank.
Str 3+1
End 3+1
Agi 3+1
Other stats are at 0.

She has Fury, Bash and Shield Expert maxed out
Cleave II and Resilience I.

Legion helm, leggings and breastplate.
Gaunglets of might
Ironfoot boots
Primeival mantle
Infernal aegis
Girdle of agility
Amulet of the forest
Ring of health, ring of vitality
Paladin's longsword

289 hp
30 ac
21.8 dps

This is the standard equipment I use for her. It may vary depending on the area Im going to explore.