Companion attack bug


New Member
So I got the latest version today and noticed a major issue, probably linked to the new "focus target" mechanic that keeps you on the same target if other targets come close.

The problem is, when you pull a group of enmies it seems that your follower will target a random one and not switch targets until its dead, no matter if its actually in range.

More often than not i've been in a situation where i pull a group of mobs through a door to face them one by one and my follower just wont do anything until one specific mob is in range, despite other targets being available.

Also I noticed a significant performance loss from the latest update, I understand the a S3 mini isnt exactly a powerhouse but it worked just fine before. On the plus side the device doesnt get as hot anymore though (yes i restarted the device, cleared ram etc, still alot more screen lag than before update)