Cleric brainstorming


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Here is a little list out of my head , which could possible improve the quality of the cleric in the later stages.
Maybe other players agree with this idea or David finds some insperation in it.


Sacred Fire - early on this skill is pretty useful when you skill it , but since it has a fixed Damage once you reach a certain point in the game- Enemys past the Champion Skeletons, it becomes pretty weak since the Enemys have quite some HP.
a 4th Level with more Damage and Mana usage would be cool.

Turn Undead - Not sure how often it is used by the community but it seems a bit out of place. I feel the Cleric is already doing pretty good against undead without it. i would consider taking it in, if it has the ability to help against non dead also where the struggle becomes more real.

Guardian Wolf - I did not test it after the latest update , but does it have autoregen yet? my personal problem with it , it uses too much Mana (from healing not casting it)

- Maybe a 4th Level with higher Manausage would help in general with bigger/higher hp partys?

Blessed Armor Set - It feels like it is missing some blessing here , most of the other unique pieces you find early on with the same armor value (Essence Gloves) (Tolassian) outclasses it with stats ( best example boots and gloves with only 2 Mana i think)
It would be more fun to mix those pieces in if they had a higher Mana Value ( 8-12 ) each piece. so it becomes a real choice between resistance or higher Mana pool.

Mana Pots - If you are not in the Clerics guild its already a precious thing.
What about the idea if you change the fixed value of into a low % one, so it progresses with your bigger Manapool ?

Weapons - How about a Weapon for Clerics that primaly want to support the party with healing and casting , for example a scepter or mace that has bad Damage output but reduces the Manausage 1/4 for example. Or even a Advanced Support Skill that casts Offensive/Defensive Buffs to your Companion/Wolf.

Not sure if the caster Cleric is even a thing here :D but it was doing pretty well until he met vraptors and werewolfs.


SirDonkalot":1u1x2sss said:
Not sure if the caster Cleric is even a thing here :D but it was doing pretty well until he met vraptors and werewolfs.

Agreed. I was building a support cleric but voraters just shred it... I mean I know they are challenging for everyone.... but my support cleric stands no chance.

Supposedly Clerics who join the three are supposed to get some much needed love this next update.