CHALLENGE: Varannari Axe Berserker

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My Notes(lol): Since challenges is a trend in forum, I will made one as well.Lol I'm a terrible story writer so feel free to judge this challenge of mine and suggest any equipment that should be in this challenge! Lol XD, I also referred this to "The Duelist Challenge" by Arcmas, a dope member here too. Lmao

The story(yea this cool,I think): You see some Mercian soldiers wielding proudly their disgusting blades and hammers, they irritate your ear because they are not crafted and shaped with perfection! Instead you found axe and greataxes great and produce a good song that calm your nerves in every man you slain, You get really obsessed to axes and plan to make a collection of it,

(Get all the axe and greataxes in game)

(Axes and Greataxes are only weapon allowed!!)
(Since you are a berseker, you can't wear very heavy armor(and shields!), so you can dance gracefully in battle and produce a fine song.)
(Allowed armor sets: leather,hardened leather,assasin,primal chain(I guess its light), undermother hide, hunter,)
(Rogue and Warrior only.)
(Flurry is a MUST skill in the challenge, so you can play a continuous of harmonious music of your axes!)
(For warriors, Bloodlust and Battle Rage is a MUST(also Flurry))
(Bloodlust is a MUST skill for both classes available for this challenge.)

Special Mentions! (My favorite guys/(ladies?)) In forum!:
Arcmaster(your challenge is good)
Apocalypse(you are the most favorite guy in the forum,ain't you??)
David!(thanks for the dope game)
VDX guy lol love ya(thanks for the tip,I got better in game in just a few days)
Stonewolf(ayyyy,you are same as apocalypse lol you got good humor lol)
Made in Heaven( have fun studying hahaha)

Sorry for long post lol
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I'd say Fists. No real need for dagger. Iron Axe is only 33gp, and available in Lannegar. If you sell your dagger (6gp) plus the seemingly standard (??) 18gp you're only 9gp short of Iron Axe, so it's not a huge burden to fight for. And the 2H version is only 55gp if that's your swag.

PS, surely Bloodlust and Battle Rage should be must-haves for a Warrior?

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Actually, you might get lucky and get it from a skeleton, if you dare to fisticuff with one.
It's a cool challenge and there are several nice collectible axes, I'm in the middle of another one, but I'll take this.