[Challenge] Race to the tower


Nedes Jabru is a normal rogue who is very excited about his inheritance. He wants to reach it as soon as possible and nothing is going to slow him down. He'll even put himself in danger if it means getting faster to it.

The rules of the challenge are simple. You create a new character (any class is fine) and try to reach your grandfathers tower in as minimal ingame days as possible. Anything is allowed to get there as soon as you can (except cheating of course) Since this is a more casual challenge, the normal difficulty is good for this, though if you want to try a harder difficulty you may always try.

I tried it once and here are my results. There numbers are certainly beatable since I made a lot of avoidable mistakes that cost me some time.

Enter the tower DAY 3 - 7 PM

As a bonus challenge, try to reach the spirit on the first floor as soon as possible to learn the truth about your inheritance.

Enter the first floor DAY 5 - 4 AM

If you are going to try the bonus challenge, take some offensive skills too on your character. Beating the one of the elemental challenges without them is possible (I did it) but VERY DIFFICULT

Good luck! If anyone tries this challenge I would love to see how it goes in a reply on this post. If I retry the challenge and get a better score I'll post it here too.