Cannot complete some quest


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Hi Dev team,

Love the game I must say and probably one of the best games ive downloaded on android. the content is very good. But unfortunately I have quite a few quest I cannot complete and its a bit frustrating. I bought the game about a week ago and it is up to date. I play on an HTC nexus 9 tablet with the latest android available. I have a warrior build at level 6.

Here are the quests I cannot complete

Gather ingredients
I cannot find the red orchid anywhere on the bluemist river close to kingsbridge. I have walked up and down that river many times and both sides and it never seems to spawn.

Hunting Bugs
I went to the Mirmeks nest and spoke to the undermother(SP) and she said come back once you are looking for the shards so I go to where Grisenda is and enter the ruins. I did find a book that spoke about the shards but i died on the way out. But cannot re enter the secret chamber since then. So I went back to the Kreyou ruins.

A warriors honor
I have cleared this ruin quite a few times but the Grisenda's ring never materialises, only lesser rings. I have even tried without Adaon to see if that will make a diffrence. Also now i cannot go into the secret room with the book. the doorway does not appear although i stand by it for a few minutes. I was able to go into it the first couple of times but died on the way out.

Prisoner of orcs
I found an underground orc lair next to blue mist river but did not find Muir there.

The World is a stage
I cannot fine laertes anywhere in New Arthur, one of the guards thought he may have left on a boat, boatman says no he hasnt but i checked out new garand anyway but no sign of him either. I have entered the bars hoping to get some sort of gossip, but no hints unfortunately.

Hope you can help as I enjoy the game very much, but it feels kind of broken right now.

And also, I can see that you have controller support on the way. Please get that going! this game would be legendary with controller support. and will also help tablet users who get sore hands from their big tablets :(. Please allow for generic bluetooth controllers like the ipega.

looking forward to your response.


Classic quest issues. The wiki will walk you through each of the quests listed, as well as provide insight into the mechanics that may be causing you trouble. If you'd like to avoid spoilers, I can walk you thru each quest but will need more info from you and would probably be better over a message.

Welcome to the club. Let me know if I can help.