[Bug] Way to mess up "Safe Passage" quest


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Hello, this is my first time posting here so hopefully this counts as a bug in your eyes. It does in mine at least.

I am running the Android version of the game and running whatever version existed on October 1st 2019. The quest is called "Safe Passage" and is accepted from "Liserpix" in the town "Sydarun".

If you take the only reasonable path to complete the quest there is going to be a bandit leader and a group of well armed bandits who want to kill her for the gems she carries. After failing the fight twice and seeing there was no easy way around, I tried to creep close to make a closer quick save for more attempts.

I accidentally triggered the bandit captain to come and fight us without triggering the conversation where he calls out the other bandits. The boss was much easier killed like this and when I continued the normal conversation happened despite him being dead and then the bandits hopped out.

The fight was WAY easier this way ofc but it also makes no sense for him to not call for the others and fight on his own. It should somehow be made that he wont aggro until that conversation happens or if he is aggrod he calls for the others.

I can provide any other details that might be needed, just shoot a reply. Also side note, does anyone know if the team accepts help with spelling / grammar / correct word choices? Seen a good bit of wording that doesnt make any sense even if you take the setting into account.


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Known issue. It deals with the size of the trigger spot for the quest.

There's a few boss fights where you can lure our the boss or the boss's bodyguards in the same way.

Yeah, you can trigger the Bandit Captain (sneak near the upper rock by the path), fight him, than trigger the rest of the bandits.