Bug Bug: Loot bag won't open?

Something doesn't work as it should


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Bug: A Level 7 minotour in Minotaur in the first level of the Maze dropped a loot bag. The bag wouldn't open. Clicking on it, or using the hotkey, would trigger the loot bag sound effect, but the graphic would flicker, but the loot screen wouldn't open.

The loot bag dropped in the middle of a group fight when I trying to talk to my companion to change her combat orders. It looked like another minotaur dropped a first loot bag, and that bag opened for a spilt second to get take-all emptied. It's possible there was a totally random frame prefect key stroke in which the first loot bag was open and emptied (via take all button) and the second loot bag's contents were merged to it, but the graphic for the second loot bag still appeared. Thus the second loot bag was in a weird limbo of having been opened and looted, and still being on the ground waiting get opened. Frame prefect oddities can be strange.

I was unable to recrate. And this is the first time I've come across this hiccup. So likely extremely rare?

Playing on PC via Steam, most current version of the game.