Best Mage Progression?


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I have been playing this game actively for the last few months; but I have owned this game for like 4 years. When I picked this game back up, it was like finding a whole new world-Amazing! Hats off to David!

As for my question: From reading this forum and the Wiki, I believe that the "best" way (easiest) to play mage is to play as a summoner/staff mage. You use your summon and companion to keep the enemies at bay while dealing damage from your staff from afar. Of course, there are many exceptions; the ark can be difficult. But this is where one would dump skill points into lightning bolt and disintegrate-maxing them out for the ark to deal massive shock damage. I'm not sure how this build would fair in the sewers, but I believe the summon can still be a great help.

That being said, I have no experience with this build. I have stuck to the elementalist/wand build of mage, leveling the elemental spells so that I can have a spell for every situation. This seemed to work out ok until the forbidden pit, with no way to do good damage aside from Branch of the Holy Tree and disintegrate. I beat the ark (wasn't too bad) with this class (Peaceful ending) and am grinding to level 25 to be well-prepared for Sewers (although I foresee it being easier than Pit on the basis that I can actually exploit the elemental weakness of enemies there).

What are y'alls thoughts?


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Mages might be the toughest class to have an "all-around" build. By design, mages tend to have it harder / easier in an area, depending on their build. So if you're doing really well in most areas, but struggle a bit here and there, than that's doing pretty good.

The Pit is often cited as the toughest place for mages for the reason you cite above. Lore wise, that makes sense. Other wise the Wizard Guild, and not the Church of the Three, would have "solved" that pesky shadow problem.

If you're re-setting your points, you can adjust your summon build as you'd like. That's a big advantage compared to having to start from scratch.