Beat the game--what now?


Just played for five hours straight and completed The Ark of Lothasan, last arena fight, and Sewer of Horrors on iron man. Go me. I did have to cheat twice on the Ark quest by restoring a save, because I think the peaceful ending is super anticlimactic. So fighting the Parasite was "fun".

Any fun micro-quests or achievements I can go for? I would try to get 99 rep with every kingdom, but for some reason, TH quests don't give rep after a certain point. I'll probably wait a bit before taking down the Elemental Plane of Fire bosses.

I'd like to thank the developer for ruining my life with this game; I've been attempting Iron Man since November and spent a collective 300 hours on failed attempts. Three of my failed attempts took 50+ hours. My current game is at 60 hours. You've ruined my social life and forced me to delete every other game on my phone because EK is so good. I hope you're happy.

I'd also like to thank the community for answering every stupid question I had and being patient with my constant "this is too hard" complaints.

I'll probably start a mage on easy next. I can picture myself forgetting quicksave exists and losing five hours of grinding. That'll be fun!

TL;DR thanks to everyone


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Congratulations! Beating the Ark and Sewer of Horrors with an iron man character is an achievement to be proud of!

For things left to do with this character I fear are very limited. First you can of course try and kill the final boss in the plane of fire and any other bosses you might have skipped in the game. But afterwards the game is kinda over for that character. You can reach for higher levels and higher reputation but there isn't much more to do. Though the townhall reputation limit is indeed the limit for you now. If you want to have max reputation everywhere you have to create a new character and do the townhall quests first since the other quests don't have that limit.

What I did after completing the game is trying to get every game achievement. There are a lot of easy ones that are already automatically completed when playing through the game, but there are also a lot of more difficult ones that give an extra challenge that you need to complete with a new character.


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Respect Bud! Having play the game on HARD and more than half way through, I can say the game does get easier second time around, but I still die too often to even think of playing IRONMAN. I play too carelessly though, pushing the limit of low level in harder areas though. Maybe play Mage on IRONMAN?