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Anyone Try Out A Warrior Archer? Very few skills apply. Hybrid with light weapons work any better? Or are you better to stick with rogue archer?


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Anyone Try Out A Warrior Archer?
After searching forums, and doing a bit of theory crafting, Rogues just make superior archers. A 1h agi warrior could theoretically add bows to their arsenal, but a dedicated archer would be sub-par, though I'm sure people have done it.

I chose to not include it in this compendium as it doesn't fit the criteria for "tried and tested" basic builds. Its okay, but has known flaws and issues (IE, rogue archer being completely superior.)
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Anyone Try Out A Warrior Archer? Very few skills apply. Hybrid with light weapons work any better? Or are you better to stick with rogue archer?
Challenge accepted!

I just wonder if Whirlwind, Bash and Charge work with bows


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For now, I have had to abandon a more detailed leveling guide, and I modified it to give just some generalized tips. In the end, this is more in the spirit of this guide anyways.

I'm also considering renaming the thread to something like "Basic Builds & Tips" or something to reflect the expanded nature of the guide. Any thoughts on if this would be helpful, or leave it as is?


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Well guys, long time no see! Good to be back.

Well, I guess this guide is complete, and not only that, it's as good as it gets (as in, there's no way to make it better. I know I couldn't).

Also, I finished my Cleric Summoner (Shaman?) Playthrough, I just couldn't access the forum for a while (changed my phone and all). And I have to say, this build is absolutely perfect, I place it on the same level as my beloved Elementalist on the level of fun, and that's a hell of a thing because I have always been a Cleric-hater on every single game ever. But boy, this one is awesome.

Full package, Nivarian's Gift, Arbenos Might (1), Cure 3, Intervention 3, Wolf 3, Summoner 3... Bah, I forgot all the names of the skills, but the group buff skill (Battle Prayer I believe?) max and also the Flames of Faith max, here you get your answer Gr8Scott, not only is it feasible to add Flames of Faith, not only it is absolutely fine with mana but more than that it is an insane power up for our Cleric, it really adds a lot of power to the build.

And there's still room for a feel extra points besides those "basics", so it's up to the player to decide where to spend. I super recommend it.

Maybe Cleric Summoner should be split from Cleric of the Three and made into its own category? I recon that it deserves its own spot, given how particularly focused that strategy is (and how awesome it is too)


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I've been thinking that the three build layout may need to be separated out a bit, but my concern is if I do that, I would need to make them too "specialized". By that, I mean, I have deliberately worked to keep all builds with only 1 or 2 required basic/advance skills, in order to facilitate individual players adapting the builds to suit their style.

Perhaps the answer is to make one more subsection for "complete builds" where each skill and step is laid out in short form.

I'll post a template here later to show you what I mean.


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I've given it some thought now, and I have decided to include another section of Completed Builds.

Requirements for inclusion in the original post will be that you have completed at least the quest "shards of fate".
If you have completed the game with the build, a note will be added to it as well (peaceful or non-peaceful).

The difference between this and the other builds will be far more specificity. The basic builds are by design, incomplete skeletons. These will be full builds, including more detailed instructions on how to progress in different sections of the game. I'll polish up the formatting on your behalf, don't worry about making it perfect. I do reserve the right to edit it down for length if it gets excessive.

Here is an example. Its been a long time since I've used this archer, so the details will be a bit rough, but you will get the idea. (I may clean it up later and include it, as it was quite a fun build to play.)

Neponde's Stabby Archer
Playstyle: Active Skills, Blended Range/Melee
Game Completion: Non-Peaceful (Hard)

Companion used
Grissenda. My ever loyal shield-maiden, built as a complete meat shield.

Basic skills
Archery (max)
Evasion (max)
Sprint (1)
Trap Master (1)
Kick (1)
Stab (max)
Backstab (optional: 1)

Advance skills
Rapid Fire (max)
Body Development (late game: 2)

Trait priority
Agility (very high)

Helpful tips
1) Always let your companion take aggro, and avoid giving them knockback (bash, whirlwind, etc.)
2) Wyrmslayer is one of your most powerful bows, and can be obtained fairly early
3) Equip a dagger in a quick slot for quick swaps
4) Your build is designed to dip in and out of melee range. Its a complicated playstyle that can be difficult to master, but is extremely fun.

Open up with rapid fire, and pour arrows into their face as they charge you. Once in melee range, activate evasion, swap to a dagger, and stab them. Most enemies your level will go down with this combo. If you are facing a harder foe, then lay a trap before you you launch your volley. After your stab, then kick them, activate sprint, and then fire away from another distance. When they close again, stab again.

When facing bosses, its best to ensure Grissenda has aggro. Feed her whatever consumables needed to keep her alive. If you are feeling frisky, after your initial volley, slip for a flanking backstab on the boss, then take a half step back to keep firing. Toward end-game, the addition of flurry makes that flanking stab setup more worthwhile.

Beginnings (Level 1-5ish)
Your starting skill should be stab. Progress normally, and obtain a bow as soon as you can. Put one point in sprint and evasion early (level 2) and then focus your points in archery. Pump agility.

Early Mid (Level 5-10ish)
You should be getting more comfortable with your build by now. Feel free to put trait points into int and per a little bit for conversational options. Aim for strength to be at 2, awareness at 3, and Agi at 4. You may find a little endurance is helpful too. For skills, get rapid fire ASAP, and pump it. This is your bread and butter skill. You are welcome to get another point in stab too.

Late Mid (Level 10-15ish)
At this point, you have a great feel for how this build works. If evasion is not maxed, then finish it off. Once you have Agi up to 6, then get flurry and focus in on that. Get another point in Stab, bringing it to 3. Once agi is at 6, then being strength and endurance up to 4.

Late (Level 15-20+ish)
As you are preparing for the end game, if you haven't already then put a point in trap and kick. This becomes utterly essential because... you lose Grissenda for going through the ark. You will have a hard time with the spiders without her. ... Feel free to complete Stab at this point too. Before going into the final zone, you will want body development to level 2. This will help you cope with the tough baddies here, especially with the nice synergy of the belt you get downstairs. It will be doubly important for facing the parasite. If you are aiming for a peaceful ending, consider the traits you need (factoring equipment in) and boost accordingly.

Include whatever other skills you want as you have space! Enjoy!

Here is your chance @Kakost .
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Sorry for the long time to reply... Oh boy, time has been short lately.

I'm afraid I would have to play it again, I don't fully remember each step that I took lol.

First of, I played on Iron Man, died twice for sheer stubbornness and stupidity. Then I got my sh*t together and became the immortal one.

For weapon, always 2H. Who needs shields when you're immortal. Besides, Arbenos' Might gives 2x the bonus for 2H.

The companion is obviously Grissenda.

Now, the first skill is Sacred Fire.

Initial traits are 2 Str, 1 End (you don't need that much mana at lvl 1 since you'll only use Arbenos' Might to hunt a few goblins).

Lvl 2 you get Cure 1 and Arbenos' Might 1 (and this will be the only lvl in this skill ever). And buy Per 1 and Int 1.

At lvl 2, I ALWAYS recommend getting to the Unknown Dungeon Asap.

By the end of the Unknown Dungeon, with all the 3 skills above, it's a literal walk in the park. And by the end of it, you'll already be lvl 3.

At lvl 3, get Intervention 1 and Nivarian's Blessing 1 and Int to lvl 2. Strange, yes. But at this stage, increasing Int to 2 will grant you the same 1 extra Mana/lvl for the same cost, while also granting other bonuses.

After that, since there's the possibility of getting Tolassian Tomes at different stages, I won't describe traits by lvl, but rather how to improve them whenever you have the points.

I ended up in total with Str 6, End 4, Dex 2, Int 4, Awa 2 and Per 6. But to be very blunt, Per 5 is MORE than enough, and I should NEVER have went with 6, better using the points to get End 6 for instance. For Gr8Scott, that tells him a lot about his concerns over mana reliability.

So, optimal Trait progression would be:
- Str 2, End 1;
- Int 1, Per 1;
- Int 2;
- Per 2;
- End 2;
- Int 3 (Again, very very strange, I know, but you'll actually want this early on so that you can buy the Summon Wolf early on, since Int 3 is a prerequisite);
- Per 3;
- Str 3;
- End 3 (really, no kidding, that's how much you truly DON'T need massive amounts of Mana, specially at this early-mid stage, to the point that investing in physical traits is a better option)
- Int 4 (strange yet again, but remember, Int 3 to 4 will give 1 extra Mana per lvl just as it would give if you'd get Per 4, but Int has other bonuses);
- Dex 1, Awa 1;
- Dex 2;
- Awa 2;
- Str 4 (truly, no joke);
- Per 4;
- Per 5 - you need Per 5 as a prereq for Battle Prayer; so, you might find it so weird that I put this at the very very bottom of the list, but the truth is, although Battle Prayer is so central to the build of the Cleric Summoner (Shaman), there's actually a mountain of other skills that you'll get before it, which is why you can optimize all other traits before (just make sure to hunt for all those Tolassian Tomes around)

After that, just dump everything on physical traits. End 4, Str 5 and just keep on those (personally, I would just pump Str henceforth).

This is a VERY good Trait design. Int 4 and Awa 2 makes your Perception to be incredible, you'll never have problems finding secret doors, and Thelume's Wisdom is actually useless (use a scroll for the very few doors you can't find, like a certain "hellish" cave somewhere). And Int 4 Per 5 grants you all the mana pool you'll ever need.

Let's also not forget that, by the time you get to Per 5 (having bought all the previous traits as I listed), you'll already have plenty of items to increase those traits and more, and cleric items that also increase the mana pool, so yes, never worry about your mana, and get bigger, stronger and meaner instead.

Now, for the sequence of skills:
- Sacred Fire 1;
- Cure 1; Arbenos' Might 1;
- Intervention 1; Nivarian's Blessing 1;

Now, a few reasonings for such a weird early selection:

Early game is particularly easy. Sacred Fire does massive damage early on, Cure and Intervention 1 turns you into an undying beast (remember, enemies are still quite weak). Arbenos' Might 1 gives a big damage output bonus (and it will be useful throughout the entire game).

Sacred Fire (3) is also a prereq for Flames of Faith, while Nivarian's Blessing (2) is the prereq for Battle Prayer; those however, are the LAST skills you'll get, so no need to rush them, but at early game those skills will be useful (and are cheap).

- Sacred Fire 1 (lvl 1)
- Cure 1, Arbenos' Might 1 (lvl 2)
- Intervention 1, Nivarian's Blessing 1 (lvl 3)
- Cure 2 (lvl 4)
- Sacred Fire 2 (lvl 5)
- Summon Wolf 1, Intervention 2 (lvl 6)
- Summon Wolf 2 (lvl 7)
- Summoner 1, Intervention 3 (lvl 8)
- Summoner 2 (lvl 9)
- Nivarian's Blessing 2 (lvl 10)
- Summoner 3 (lvl 11)
- Battle Prayer 1 (lvl 12)
- Battle Prayer 2 (lvl 13)
- Summon Wolf 3 (lvl 14)
- Sacred Fire 3 (lvl 16, but if you do Adaon's quest you can obtain it at lvl 15)
- Flames of Faith 1 (lvl 16)
- Flames of Faith 2 (lvl 17)
- Cure 3 (lvl 18)
- Flames of Faith 3 (lvl 20, but you can have it at lvl 19 if you made Adaon's quest)

And there you have it, the full Wolf + B.Prayer + Flames of Faith massive Cleric spellcaster/summoner, the super team buffer Cleric.

If you're having troubles with keeping your team (including Wolf) alive, get Cure 3 before FoF 2. Otherwise, keep all the rest as is.

The counting of points is exactly what's necessary on each lvl, so you can finish the entire buid by a mere lvl 20, which is still an "early late game" as opposed to late late game, and if you do Adaon's quest, you can do it by lvl 19, which you should do nevertheless. Heck, I managed to get all those skills and traits before even reaching Sunken Citadel, let alone the Ark. And, while I was feeling pretty invencible, I decided to test my might against a certain group of infamous witches at a mere lvl 20, and oh boy, it didn't disappoint.

You'll notice considerable spikes of power over each single new toy you add to the box, even at just lvl 1. For example, my Wolf at a mere lvl 6 was a MASSIVE boost. Then, B.Prayer 1 already turned my team of veterans into a bunch of bloodlust berserkers; improving it just made them even more lethal. And then, the joy of using FoF for the first time, damn, it's pure delight.

After lvl 20, just spend in whatever skills you wish. I did buy Gate early on because I never farm, I just do quests, thus I'm always low on gold, and I can't bother to walk every where, so everything I did I was 1 full lvl late, and it was still insanely powerful nevertheless, but from lvl 20 up to lvls 24-25+, just buy whatever skills you fancy; Body Development is a good call, after that there ain't any really good options left, Precision Strikes and Massive Criticals or Bloodlust perhaps, or Nivarian's Barrier 3 or any other you'd like, it really doesn't matter all too much.


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I don't fully remember each step that I took lol.
... And yet, you managed to put far more detail into it than I could possibly put into a condensed guide. 😛..

I'll need something more similar to what i laid out in my "stabby archer" sample if I'm going to add it to main page. I can try and condense what you have done, but it may not be quite what you are looking for. If i havent heard from you before I have time to do so, I'll give it a whirl.