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The Ark is the last dungeon of the game so it's hard but it's not impossible. Here are some good tips.

1) Ark Enemies Stun. So for Warriors, the skill Battle Rage is useful to break stun / paralysis. You can also have the skill Infantry Training. If you don't have those skills, the item Amulet of Dark Whispers is very useful.

2) Get the best pre-Ark gear you can get. For warriors this is:
Head: Ashen Helmet, or Tiara of the Heavens.
Body: Myrosian Breastplate, or if you didn't find it, Ashen Breastplage. The first has good shock resistance, the second has good fire protection.
Legs: Leggings of the Shadows do a little better than Ashen Leggings due to the higher shock and fire resistance.
Feet: Ashen Boots offer the best physical defense with Stability (very helpful), but Ruined Dragon Boots offer very good fire resistance (see note).
Shield: Shield of the Dragon Hunter, or Infernal Aegis, offers solid fire protection.
Rings: A pair of Rings of Isolation will help out a lot.
Belt: Girdle of the Warrior is the obvious choice.
Cloak: Vorator Hide Mantle, the Spectral Cloak is a poor substitute but the poison protection will help out in one spot of the Ark.
Amulet: As stated in #1, Amulet of Dark Whispers, or failing that, Half-Moon Medallion, or Flame Pendent

3) Buy some supplies: Healing potions are obvious, but don't forget to stock up on Potions of Shock Resistance, Potions of Giant Strength, Potions of Shielding. Potions of Heroism are harder to acquire but are helpful against Ark spiders. Scrolls of Recall and Scrolls of Teleport can make leaving the Ark a quicker option (Scrolls of Teleport will let you go to New Garand, where the teleport statue will let you return quickly). Potions of Fire Resistance will help you survive a fire blast if you are prone to getting caught in them. You might need some Scrolls of Detection, too. They'll help find some of the more tricky doors.

4) Get some free supplies: Elixers of Galade are the best Pre-Ark healing potions in the game. And they're free. You just need to farm the Sunken Citadel for them.

1) Use good combat tactics. Take on the Spiders and the Steel Wizards one at at time when possible. Use doorways and corners to help avoid getting ambushed.
2) Avoid the fire blast. Ark enemies explode when they die. With practice you can learn to dodge the blast, but sometimes you might get caught in it, especially if you're surrounded. Hence, the fire protection discussed above. Decent fire protection will help you survive those accidental burns.

Expect to make multiple trips.
1) First few trips should just focus on learning how to fight the Spiders and Steel Wizards. You'll get a few ancient batters, maybe grab the first two cards (Blue Card, Red Card) that can be grabbed right off the bat.
2) Once you get access to the medical bays, you can rest up inside the Ark, if you have enough of the right sized batteries. Resting inside the Ark will allow you to recover fully without re-spawning the enmimies.
3) Venturing into the Reactor Level (filled with the floating balls of radiation), you can start to acquire the best Ark equipment. You can also get the +3 Strength Belt.
4) You can take on the boss of the first floor, the giant steel wizard that guards the elevator. He hits with pure shock damage but has a lot of spiders near him.
5) Once you've beaten that boss you can decide if you need to farm a little before entering the final map. It's STRONGLY ADVISED for players not to enter the final map until they've acquired all the Ark equipment for their character. It makes a huge difference.

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I've already done all of those except the multiple trips one. Maybe warrior just isn't for me, I'm literally crippled without hirge.
Maybe I'll give up on this one, and try my luck in the sewer of horrors.