Ark of Lothasan squishy rogue gripe


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I personally think the ark is entirely too difficult for a rogue. I'm lvl 23, and granted I need to respec.. but I farmed like 60 galade pots and did my best. Got through a lot, but the reactor I'm finding way too tough.

My other complaint is, I've lost the scapel and the really nice bow because I died after looting the boxes they were in but I didn't get a chance to save. So now, when I make my way to the boxes again they only have a battery and a medipack. Is there a way for me to get those drops that I desperately need again? Or am I screwed? :cry:

Sorry.. frustrated.

Ian Skylark

Yeah, you can still get those items if you're lucky enough to find them. In the reactor and the upper floor the chances are substantially higher of having them appear in the boxes.

The Ark can be hard if you haven't prepared the right gear and potions. Since you're a rogue, what I can reccommend is always fighting with Evasion + Flurry/Rapid Shots. Use potions of giant strength for the extra damage as well and always lure them out one at a time.

With the proper strategy, the Ark can be pretty easy.

I'm actually working on making a complete guide for the Ark with my level 15 warrior and hopefully including the final fight if I don't get eaten alive.


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Quit Rage is Real!

Take a breather, come back with fresh eyes, try a new approach and go from there. The game is supposed to be long and challenging, with the Arc being a very, very, very big step up in difficulty from any other area (so far). So any weakness in a build will get exposed, even if it wasn't a weakness in any other area. For Rogue's, there's a lot of advice out there by going slow and using Evasion as much as possible. (Also something about finding the Developer's real address and mailing him a box of cupcakes wrapped in 100 dollar bills).

Plenty of Rogues have made it through, even on Ironman so it's possible, just not easy. Given the squish factor of the Arc, I'm not looking forward to mage getting there... not at all.


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I finished the Ark with the Rogue when she was at lvl 20 and it was easier than with my (at the time) lvl22 Warrior. As mentioned before, Evasion, Flurry, and the various archery skills are essential. I had previously farmed through the Citadel dozens and dozens of times with Hirge as my companion, so I was able to stock up on the elixirs quite a bit while Hirge kept me healed. I think I went into the Ark with over 100 elixirs, but in the end I maybe used half of them because I lucked out and got the Scalpel and the Ion Recurve after maybe 3 or 4 times farming the main and reactor levels of the Ark. After that, it was pretty routine; Rapid Fire with maxxed out Archery and Precision Shots and Evasion active helped take out Steel Wizards and Battle Droids pretty easily, Evasion and Flurry and Assassinate took out Steel Spiders pretty quickly, too. The key was learning the timing on when to back off the melee with the Steel Spiders and quickly finish them off with the Ion Recurve before they could get close enough to get me with their death explosions. Took a little practice but now I can revisit the Ark and breeze through with the Rogue way easier than with the Warrior.