Archaelund development update


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Magic is here!

Archaelund's Magic System has been functional for several months, but in the last weeks we have nearly finished the implementation of the spells that will be included in the Early Access release, as well as some other key features such as spell trainers.


Careers grant access to disciplines, which a character improves to a certain rank in order to learn new spells. A strong spellcasting career such as Apprentice or Initiate can learn several disciplines, and on each new level gained the player has to decide which of them to improve, thus accessing new spells, but also being more efficient at casting spells of that discipline. A spellcaster can focus on one discipline to specialize, or raise ranks in different disciplines, to become more versatile. Early Access will include 9 disciplines with around 45 spells in total (up to rank III for now), and eventually the full system will include much more.


Attack spells are not only about damage: you can mesmerize enemies, put them to sleep, charm them, paralyze them... and of course, spellcasting enemies can do the same to you! And of course not all spells are offensive, and some spells can be cast out of combat for multiple purposes.


Internal Testing Video

We decided to share a few random gameplay clips from the Internal Testing since the trailer is already over a year old; please keep in mind it has not been edited nor "staged" as a trailer usually is, because that takes time, and also we cut it short and avoided dialogues or journal peeks to avoid spoiling too much, so this is really not capturing some of the most important aspects of the game. Still you can see the magic system in action, a complete battle and some exploration from the early areas.

Development progress

The latest testing has been very positive. Exploration, quests, combat, dialogues... all of it worked well, and the game is very stable. Archaelund is already a playable game, even if a short one until content is completed.

Even if there is still much work ahead, all the complex systems and the main elements of the game are finally in place and working. Our current target is releasing the Early Access in 4 to 6 months. We work hard to reward your patience with a marvellous game, which we can enjoy together for the years to come.


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Being hardcore gamer of some 20 years (I'm 35, love my mathematics & CRPGs. Planescape and Fallout are my beginnings, later Diablo)

I'm already sold man, looks great. Will preach to my mates about 4D games and a living legend developer. Art style has me hooked. Love your style +289%


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love the exiled kingdoms style also being able to see something familiar in 3D is awesome. i d love to see a fighting system similar to classic fprpg but i want to enjoy the game so i am giving my all trust that it ll be a pleasent experience. watching the last video made me realise that finding secrets ll be hard. lastly the strategic mind for fights might be extra funny, different ways to fight has a huge potencial specially while we care for our units not like differet games where there are just numbers that restarts after each fight


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Where's my summon The INVISIBLE SWAP DONKEY spell????

Clearly, David the Developer doesn't think the customer is always right --- he's an old-school DM who thinks the PC's are better off dead.

On a serious note, kudos for all the hard work. Looking forward to early access.