Another set of ideas


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I know david has his own vision on how armor should work with no shield equiped (e.g. 2h, ranged, etc.) but i can advice a use for a shield and it's slot in such cases. So shield may be equipable on the back of 2handed or archer, giving half stats bonus, full armor bonus for attacks from the back and from sides, no armor bonus from attackers in front of you for the cost of attack speed (e.g. 10-15%)
I know you need to code a lot to add different calculation of damage from different sides, but i bet it's worth time you spend
It's a great mechanics that can be applied for challenging bosses (vunerable only from behind) or whatever

Another idea is about misc townsmen dialogues, witch lead to no quest or benefit (or sometimes do lead?)
For e.g. you talk to townsman who tell you the story of his grandmother who ran away with varinnari savage
Pretty sure you considered it yourself, the idea is to let community write some dialogues that lead nowhere
May be some jokes, stories or easter eggs (like guard saying "i used to be an adventurer like you...:D)

So if you allow people to write some text meaningless for the plot of the game we will be glad to help :)