Am i the only one that is having this problem someone please help.


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Ok so a little back story i got a debit card put in the required information into google pay and the google play app so on and so fourth i then tried clicking on purchase full licences and it just closes the store window like it just disappears every time and the little thing at the bottom that is supposed to pop up you know the one that lets you choose your payment option dosen't pop up i made a new email tryed force stopping the game i even lost both my lvl eight rogue and lvl 8 warrior when i uninstalled dont get me wrong this game is five stars even just from the demo that i have played and i if for nothing els but supporting the devs aaaand also unlocking the full game would love to purchase the full licenses but to no avail nothing has worked besides the email changing and the card swaps i also reset my phone the date and time on my phone and like i mentioned before i force stopped and uninstalled the game if anyone has any AND I MEAN ANY advice on this topic i will try it i have a BLU android phone if that factor's in in any way shape of form.


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I will move this to support layer.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Purchases are working normally for other players today. This happens sometimes, caused by some problem with configuration of Play Store payments.

Are in-app purchases working fine for other apps? No need to purchase anything, just try to open the prompt message.

Normally this problem gets fixed when you remove your bank card information and add it again ( in play store settings)