Alpha 0.4 Released


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(Full changelog here)

Finally, after quite a few weeks of delay, it is ready for testing. This is a list of the main features, compared to 0.3.

Cleric class and spells (Added on 0.4.711). This new class is very strong against undead. Still, I haven't designed proper itemization for it, nor appropiate quests.

Elemental damage, items with elemental resistances, and potions as well. Monsters will use Fire, Cold, etc against you sometimes. And you will be able to use weapons with elemental damage as well. Monsters will be more vulnerable to certain kinds of damage. But nope, no spells yet.

Companions There's already two Companions in the game. You'll be able to customize companions' equipment, and see their stats. Companions will have interesting backstories, and can give you quests or useful information; also, you can safely equip them because they're "permanent": they don't die, although can fall unconscious, and even if you dismiss them, you can find them again and they'll join you.

Also you can find "followers", which you can quickly hire to follow you around. Think of them as lesser companions. But those will be expendable (they die permanently) and you won't be able to equip them. They'll hang around in towns, mostly.

Much more content. 7 New areas, including a big town (New Garand) to a total of 25, including 11 large outdoor areas and a total of 5 towns. Many quests, dungeons, and new monsters and treasures have been added. There's now 17 quests in addition to the 60+ Town hall quests.

More item slots. I added a cloak and a necklace slot, to a total of 12 different item types. There's still few items to equip on those new slots, though.

Attacks have been slowed down. To compensate for it, enemies have less hp. This is an important change that I hope will make combat a bit more tactical. In 0.3, it all was over so fast that many players told me they didn't know what was going on. I count on you testers to check how balanced it is now...

many small fixes and improvements, like item description window, fixed typos, pathing etc. Thanks for all your reports, alpha testers! :)