Adaon and The Companions


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I have read threads on here regarding Grissenda and Hirge being the best people to roll with especially in the Sewer of Horrors...

However am I the only one that finds that a beefed up Adaon is a legit killer...I told Grissenda to hit the bricks in the beginning so I never got to use her and I totally get using Hirge for a long time but when you get into level 19 and 20 and Adaon has good armor, the Ion Recurve and other weapons I mean the dude is hitting a DPS of 45 and has a stab of what 300 percent..its ridiculous.. I only mention this because I know Adaon gets a lot of crap but I got to the end of Sewer of Horrors with Hirge but I didn't have the proper potion for the Plane of Fire so I had to re-do it and I did it with a juiced up Adaon and we had some hiccups..mainly with the Devorer but the rest we just blew threw them fairly easy...


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Adaon is awesome to fight strong bosses. But it always depends on your main character. As rogue it's mostly better to use a tank as companion. With a warrior you can use Adaon since you can let the enemies attack you and he gives additional dps. Playing two rogues is possible, but not very easy.

Every companion has pro and contra, just use the one who works good for you. ;)