Accessing Grey Library


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My first post so bear with me
Warrior lvl 19 with grissenda companion
I am trying to do the "lost in a good book" quest but am denied entry to grey library (because I gave the trinket to the spice lady instead of jethro)
My reputation is -5 to golden hand. With my current level, I could easily massacre my way through the library but it seems to me that every time I upset a group then occasionally they will send groups to kill me. Like the forsaken shady travellers and the Orcs ambushes. Do not want golden hand to come after me too.
Is it possible to use a potion of invisibility to get into library? Or if I kill everyone will they come after me?
Any tips or advice would be great TIA!


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There are two ways you can deal with this situation:
- If you want to do it the peaceful way you can go and help the Golden hand to get back in their good books. You'll need to find 2 of the hidden necromancy tomes that are scattered around from the "Secrets of the dead" quest and give them to the Golden hand instead of the Loreseekers. This will get your reputation back positive and give you access to the Grey Library and its shops.
- The only other way is to slaughter your way through. Invisibility potions don't work since the mage guarding the Library can see through them. This will make you a permanent enemy of the Golden hand and cost you some Mercian reputation. But you won't be in too much trouble for it. The golden hand will not send killers after you, but you won't be able to get access to their shops which give great discounts on potions, gives you good money for the stuff you sell and sells some unique equipment.