about the temple of blood, is it a tolassian temple? [SPOILERS]

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we know that our hero shouted "its a tolassian temple!", when he enter the temple of blood. however , our hero is not an archaeologist, tolasian temple and other ruins or tombs with undead inside(like the mausoleum and the mercian royal crypt) may looks similar. here are my doubts.
1. according to some tolassian book, the forgotten temple where we found the crown is the only overground construction of tolassian. but the temple of blood has a large part over ground
2. Tol created tolassian undead, and want them to live in peace with livings, however , those vampires' do not seem to live in peace with livings. Althouse be headed ones and their eager to conquer the world overground. besides, I doubt Tol will allow his creations to worship another god-god of blood.
and it could also be : vampires start to worship god of blood after Tol's eternal sleep. And than made a bargain with the Stormes, constructing the over ground part of the temple of blood bigger


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Re: about the temple of blood, is it a tolassian temple?

From Nayau Tomb:

"And thus our people built underground, away from the avenging sun. We built above ground once: over the mighty halls of our High Priest in his mountain, we ordered our human pets to build a fort to oversee the lands. (...) that was the mighty Hall of the Blue Star, where we, the Trascendent Ones, the immortal, grew wise over the centuries. But then came the Great Descruction which felled our Lord Tol, and since then our numbers are few, and our halls always empty."

That temple was on the mount later called Storme. The Forgotten Temple where you can find the Crown is not built over ground.

The Blood-Drinkers were just one of the factions controlling the temple at the time, and took over the place destroying the Lich faction after Tol's death. Likewise, the liches destroyed the blood-drinkers almost anywhere else.

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