A few suggestions and feedbacks


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I recently got Exiled Kingdoms on steam, whole nostalgia trip and many qualities. Cheers for the amazing game!

And despite being aware that the game will hardly get considerable content updates and new coding, I think that those suggestions could be considered in any future game (Archaelund), or even implemented in EK. Some things I noticed during the gameplay:

- Improve AI so they won't be suicidal in escort quests, or give the player the dialogue option to halt them or give them scrolls of return to cities. A good example is the Prisioner's Dillema, after exiting the hideout. If the bandits and traps have reset it's impossible to escort the NPC without a return scroll;
- More tiers of standard gears for buying, so the progression goes more smoothly and feels more rewarding;
- In EK, arrows always travel a fixed distance in first contact. Making arrow reach increase slightly with Archery or a new advanced skill would be very useful, and help mid-end/end game ranged rougue;
- Implementing modding to EK;
- More varied soundtrack, more than one per area/kind of dungeon. Over time the single soundtrack for many areas/kind of areas got annoying;
- Being unable to rob or kill bystanders and try robbing houses. With skills/traits checks. (future games of course, like the freedom found in TES games);
- Port Malan being quite bland, despite having potential for quests related to the prison or pirates;
- You join the Seventh House and... erhm, you never steal a thing or get in trouble with the guards, not to mention too few quests on it making it feel of little importance unless you're after the ADV skills in Freetown.

I'm not trying to flame the community or ask all of those to be made, it's just a feedback. If even one of the suggestions above is considered to EK, Archaelund or next games; I'm glad.


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You're not the first person to make the above suggestions.
Some of the things you point out stem from the limitations of the game (2D redrawing, designed for a phone). Some of them stem from the limited resources of being an indie game (no 100 person staff to work out all the possible details). And lastly, some of of the things stem from the game being ready --in a way-- for new content to be dovetailed into the existing game. The Lady of the Night story Arc comes to mind.

As for the equipment issue, during most of the development, the game had a much more limited range of equipment. During that dearth of equipment, hunting down rumor bosses for equipment drops made sense and was worthwhile as they dropped the strongest stuff in the game. But as content was added, including new equipment, rumor boss and similar equipment got over shadowed. So, it's not as rewarding to hunt down some equipment.

Most players will find progressing through the major quests as the best way to get meaningful equipment upgrades, either from random drops, or quest rewards. Of course, it depends on your build, quest choices, and playing style.