A few beginners questions!


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Does armour show up on your body? I saw that one of the updates said that hoods show, but that's not the case for me. I really like it when armour has a cosmetic change in games as it creates a great feeling of progression. Is the mobile version being updated as much as the PC version? When something says "hand weapons", what does that mean? And how does flanking work? I assume you just need to be behind an enemy, but i can only manage that while in stealth and enemies usually detect me before i get into melee range.


Armor does show up on your body. Different armor types have a different 'look' on you, and there are different colors as well. As for hoods, they do show since the latest update but I noticed that not everything with an icon that looks like a hood will show up on your character.

"Hand weapons" refers to 1-hand weapons that are not "Light" weapons. Damage for these is improved mostly by Strength but also Agility. If you are a Rogue, I suggest focusing on Agility and Light weapons.

Yes, flanking is attacking from the rear. This becomes much easier once you have a companion. The easiest companion to recruit early on is Grissenda, in Northern Bluemist River, one map West of Lannegar. She's also probably the best companion for Rogue imo. As for stealth, it helps to approach from behind enemies, they seem less likely to detect you that way. Obviously higher level enemies are harder to sneak behind, and also some enemies have 'detector' attribute and will able to detect even when stealthed. Most bosses are this way.

Hope this helps, and welcome to this amazing game, enjoy it!


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MrSnek":3glatx2r said:
Is the mobile version being updated as much as the PC version?
Content for all versions is always the same.

Only exception can be while beta testing, but we had also PC beta testing, so you can beta test on PC too. The main platform for beta testing is Android platform (and PC gets it, but not sure if David produces all beta versions for PC platform also).