A couple of constructive notes for the best RPG on mobile to date


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gimme a few MF'n Hpotions drops every blue


NEEDS many more weapons andgear choices.Prices are outrageous.

Health potions do nothing nearly (gimme like 5-10 more hp for e.a.) and 10%-25%disounts are warraNted for all necessity items.

all char. shounld have varied block/dodge chance added (i run a two handed and even with def.potion & defbuff i get ran over by a moderate group of gangr@p!ng goblins!

LOVE THE GAME BTW and will donate for better dev.


Just a note here, sometimes traveling alchemists have HP potions for far cheaper than towns, best to stock up when the opportunity presents itself. The available gear/weapons seems pretty decent, have a look at the wiki for the armor and weapons list. (That's how I choose what to find next, just got the bloody scarf) Sometimes it seems like too many things can beat you in this game, but stick with it, get a couple more levels, you will see a huge difference. The roving bands of orcs used to set me running, now, I go looking for them they make for an awesome fight!

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In the beginning money is always a big issue. Remember to use all your green health resets as evidently as possible and to sleep at inns often. Use your skills to be conserve your HP, lure creatures from groups one by one. When a large mob chases you, run back into a town where the guard will help you out.

Later on you will be wondering what to do with all your money. I'm pretty sure sitting with 20 large and 20 medium portions and still having 40,000 gold left even after buying a house for 15,000 and all storage spaces at town halls. Don't worry about money, just explore the world and have fun in the beginning.

As for weapons, later on there is quite a diverse range that are all good for different situations. I quite like the weapon system. Don't expect a random farmers boy to suddenly get the awesome stuff without first becoming stronger.


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How far are you into the game? Based on your "feedback," it seems you're just starting the game when gold is limited. I would also check out some of the threads about 1-H vs 2-H warrior builds.

The 2-H warrior gives a lot more damage but suffers early on in defense. In comparison, the shield warriors (1-H or light) gets a lot more defense, esp with the skill shield expert, but doesn't do nearly as much damage.

Early game, you're primary healing is best from resting at an inn. Learning the Extra Recovery skill will help. Rest at an inn, knock out a Townhall quest or dungeon run, rest again. After a few runs in each early dungeon, you should have found some decent equipment and have some gold to buy one or two next tier pieces.

It's a long game, and don't rush the first few levels.