1. Arcanmaster

    Mages Weapons, poll

    “Wands are the classical weapon of choice of Mages; any Mage ranged weapon wielded by one hand is considered a Wand.” ― In-game text, description of Wand Mastery. Due to that text Mages usually use wands instead of staffs, but it looks like reality is another. [/SPOILER]
  2. Commiades

    Wands and the Wand of Power

    Has anyone tried a build to get the most out of the Wand of Power? The Wiki stats on it need to be updated: its damage is 9-17 and its critical chance is a scary 8%. That makes its DPS 14.8. On Casual, I built a mage around this with maxxed out Precision Hits and Massive Criticals; obviously I...
  3. Wojd

    The sound of wands and staffs

    Some people ask to features. But like a classic game, legends lauch just minor changes, and i (we?) really can understand it. And the sound of stafs and wands, in the moment of we use them, deserves a change... ; )