1. ManweSuilmo

    Where would an update fit from a gameplay perspective?

    So I know this opinion is highly unpopular, but I'm not convinced an update to EK wouldn't benefit the game for two main reasons. 1. From a worldbuilding perspective, it's important to ensure that the world feels bigger than the story, so I don't think places like the Orc Kingdom not being...
  2. Alfred The Great

    When will there be an update on IOS, I am missing lots of spells.

    First off Solliga is completely blocked I can’t get there through the bridge that’s supposed to be there or through wyvern mountain, after some research it’s because the game has not been updated, I believe it’s been a year since the last update, and it hasn’t been added IOS and I’m miss much...
  3. sthefano

    So... will there be an iOS update for the game?

    I've been playing Exiled Kingdoms for quite some time now, since 2018 to be precise. Almost all this time on Android. Last year I bought an iPhone and soon this game again. Today I was looking for maps on the wiki and I noticed that I can't reach the Solliga in the game. I googled why, and it...